Guzmania: home care
Guzmania - home care, growing problems
Guzmania flower. Photo A plant popular in the world of indoor flowers belongs to the Bromeliad family (monocots
Technology and methods of propagating clivia at home
Hello, dear friends. Clivia is very popular among lovers of tropical plants. It's pretty
Is it necessary or why to prune grapes in the fall photo
Pruning grapes in the fall: tips for beginning winegrowers, schemes by year
Is it necessary or why to prune grapes in the fall? As in growing grapes on an industrial scale,
How to deal with spider mites on various plants
What do spider mites like? It's hard to name a plant that the spider plant wouldn't like.
Mites on roses: how to get rid of the pest quickly and effectively
10/09/2019 Experienced gardeners and vegetable gardeners are often faced with an invasion of various pests that destroy plantings,
Indoor tradescantia: care, propagation and transplantation at home
Description Tradescantia is a perennial vine and has about a hundred varieties. The plant came to Europe
Prickly pear cactus: home care and reproduction
What do cactus seeds look like? In addition, this is the cheapest option for creating your own collection. Of course
Evergreen ficus benjamina - home care, photos and recommendations
Reproduction In fact, Ficus Benjamin can be propagated in various ways: using seeds,
Homeland of the plant
Caring for Cyperus at home, plant propagation by seeds and other options + photos and videos
Origin The herbaceous perennial Cyperus belongs to the Sedge family, its homeland is hot Africa. The plant is spread along
Growing beans in a garden plot
It is important to know how to store beans at home until the next harvest
Green beans have been considered a popular food product around the world since ancient times. The birthplace of culture is considered to be
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