Let's get acquainted with new recipes: seafood soup
Seafood soup occupies a special place in cooking. It can be called simple in
Czech soup in bread
Czech cream soup in Podolsky bread - recipe by Anastasia Slobodchikova
3 Prepared by: Arina Volskaya 04/22/2014 Cooking time: 1 hour 0 min Save I
Lentil soup - delicious recipes
10 original recipes for creamy soups. 25 photos.
Lentil puree soup Red lentils are better suited, with which the pureed soup acquires a beautiful yellow color.
Seafood soup with cream
Creamy seafood soup recipe. Serve on the table
14 Prepared by: Julia Vetrina September 20, 2016 Cooking time: 1 hour 0 minutes Save I
Chicken soup with cream
Creamy soup - 12 delicious recipes
Home Milk soups Soup with cream is considered one of the lightest among the first
Soup with canned mushrooms recipe with photos
Preparing forest mushroom soup Forest mushrooms, unlike artificially grown ones, have a bright
Cheese soup with seafood
Cheese soup with seafood - step-by-step recipe with photos
10 Prepared by: Julia Vetrina 04/13/2016 Cooking time: 40 min Save I cooked it Rate it
Tomato puree soup
Hot tomato puree soup: Italian recipes
Reviews (15) 40 Prepared by: Roksolana 05/15/2013 Cooking time: 1 hour 0 min Save
Lentil soup - how to cook
Creamy red and green lentil soup
The cookbook of an experienced housewife contains recipes for various soups. The ingredients for their preparation are selected
Shrimp soup
Creamy shrimp soup recipe. Sea fantasies - preparing cream soup with shrimp. Vegetable puree soup with shrimp and cream cheese
2 Prepared by: Marina Zolottseva 09/30/2018 Cooking time: 40 min Save I cooked Rate
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