red bean salad
The best canned red bean salads, recipes with photos
A delicious salad with red beans can be a great addition to lunch or dinner, or maybe
potato snack
15+ delicious recipes with potatoes: new facets of a simple product
Potatoes are not called the second bread for nothing. I can’t even believe that potatoes and dishes
quesadia recipe
Quesadilla with chicken or minced meat: step-by-step recipes
For two quesadia you will need: Ingredients: Minced chicken - 300 gr. Tortillas (store bought or homemade)
How to make a tasty salad from boiled beets
Salad with prunes and walnuts To prepare you will need: medium-sized boiled beets -
The recipe for Salad with Carpaccio is mine. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.
Salad with chicken carpaccio - recipe with photo Salad with chicken carpaccio
How to cook dishes with anchovies?
Anchovy fillet in oil MIKELE, 157 gr.
Difficulty Medium Author of the publication Eva Tikhonova ET Anchovy is a small fish of the herring family,
homemade dry-cured sausage
Recipe “Delicious Homemade dry-cured sausage in an apartment”
It is very difficult to buy quality sausage in a store these days. If you don't trust
The process of producing boiled sausage: simple about the complex
Recently, I have practically stopped buying semi-finished products in the store in the form of sausages, sausages,
Peanut sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty prepare nut sauce.
Why is nut sauce so good, and why can it be found in different variations in
Minced meat cutlets without bread
Minced chicken cutlets in a frying pan - how to cook delicious and juicy chicken cutlets
Reviews (2) 5 Prepared by: Antares 11/25/2013 Cooking time: 20 min Save I cooked
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