How to remove wheels from an office chair (step by step instructions)

How and why do wheels break?

Computer chair wheels, although durable, still have some weaknesses.

The rollers, unlike the entire structure, are holders of the main weight, which rests on the entire product. Even ordinary dust can reduce their service life by clogging moving parts.

They can break and fall off for various reasons, but the main ones are:

  • uneven surfaces on which they drive;
  • exceeding the permissible weight for one product;
  • mechanical damage;
  • upon expiration of service life.

Naturally, it is not advisable to purchase a new chair just because of one caster, especially if a person is already accustomed to his workplace. And then the desire arises: I’ll take it apart and change these wheels myself! The main thing is to know how to remove the wheels from an office chair and then attach new ones.

Why do wheels sometimes break?

There can be several reasons why wheels break:

  • Pollution.
  • Dust and dirt, clogging moving parts, reduce the service life of components.
  • Large weight load.
  • Uneven floor surface.
  • Worn landing pin.
  • Manufacturing defects.

Or it may turn out that the parts have simply exhausted their service life and are physically worn out. Naturally, buying new furniture because of such a problem is at least unreasonable. It is important to know how to remove wheels from an office chair. Then the problem will be solved quickly enough.


A standard office chair is not a complex mechanism, especially when it comes to wheels. Removing them will not be difficult, and you don’t even need any available tools. The thing is that they are simply inserted into specially made holes in the crosspiece and secured with a small click.

You can fasten them yourself, by hand. The main thing is to put in a little effort so that they do not break again during use.

It is most convenient to do this with a disassembled cross, then the top of the product will not interfere with a tight fit. But even with this approach, completely replacing all the rollers will take you no more than fifteen minutes. This suggests that there is no point in turning to someone for help; even a fragile woman can cope with this task. The advantage is that you don’t need a lot of knowledge to understand how to disassemble the wheels of an office chair.

Additional Tips

The task becomes even easier if it disappears on its own. Excess parts can be pulled out using a screwdriver; they will no longer be suitable for any purpose. Experts advise making a complete replacement, since different types of wheels can make it difficult to move on the floor covering. And in general, timely replacement will ensure a longer service life of the rollers.

This information on how to change wheels on office chairs will also help if you had to assemble a new model yourself and without instructions.

Almost many modern models of office chairs are equipped with wheels for greater convenience. They provide comfortable movement over short distances, for which they are so valued and purchased by many entrepreneurs.

This type of seating is comfortable, does not cause tension and has many other advantages. But when purchasing, you should also take into account that wheels and rollers tend to break over time. Agree, it will be unpleasant if you fall out of your chair in the middle of the working day.

This problem is easily solved. The replacement process is not difficult. Anyone can do it. Therefore, you do not need to return to the workshop for specialist help. All you need is a set of tools.

To replace the wheels on a chair, you will need tools that are found in every home or office. This is a screwdriver, a hammer, a long object for pulling out the rollers. The rest depends on each individual case.

How to replace furniture wheels with your own hands

Furniture wheels are an indispensable item when it comes to installing furniture. They are needed to make using the furniture more convenient. This is especially important when you need to move a large item to a new location. For example, it could be a sofa or a table, a closet or a nightstand. If the furniture is equipped with wheels, then it can be moved even without outside help. You can find high-quality furniture wheels both on the Internet and in stores or markets, but in no case should you buy too cheap products. They can fail almost immediately after purchase.

Wheels for furniture have gained enviable popularity in recent years, as they are used more and more often. It’s hard to imagine a modern interior without a sliding wardrobe. The same goes for furniture boxes on wheels. This design is not very expensive, but it greatly simplifies the use of furniture. This is especially important for those who would like to purchase new furniture to replace the old one. In this case, you need to buy products equipped with a similar mechanism.

Causes of malfunction

An office chair is an item that is used every day. It can break for various reasons:

  1. A large amount of dirt on the floor. Getting into small holes in the area of ​​the wheels, they clog the free space, which is why the rollers stop rotating.
  2. Excessive weight load when a heavy person sits on a chair. You should calculate this parameter and not allow other people to sit at your workplace.
  3. Rough or embossed surface. It is also not recommended to place such a chair on a shag carpet, as small fibers can get into the internal structure of the equipment.
  4. Wear of structural elements. Due to long periods of operation, the quality of the part deteriorates. Therefore, periodic inspections should be carried out for various defects.
  5. Defective products directly from the factory. It happens that you buy a product with a defect. Over time, this is discovered, but you can no longer return it. You'll have to learn to do the repairs yourself.

It also happens that individual parts simply wear out due to being used for a certain amount of time. For this reason, it is unwise to buy new furniture, as it will become financially expensive. It’s worth learning on your own how to replace a wheel on an office chair. The problem is solved in a few minutes and will bring many benefits in the future.

Beginning of work

You can buy new wheels at any specialized store. After this you can start working. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about where to find replacement wheels and rollers The replacement process is quite simple and does not require much effort. You don't need to use a lot of specific tools.

The rollers are mounted in a special opening, which is located on the crosspiece of the chair. To carry out the replacement yourself, follow the procedure described below:

  1. Turn the seats over. Remove the wheels from the mount. This may require a screwdriver. Simply remove the part using a little force.
  2. Remove the fasteners from the crosspiece. A screwdriver is also used for this.
  3. Pull out the plugs from the inside. They must be replaced with new ones that you bought in the store before starting the procedure.
  4. Insert new parts. Before this, it is necessary to put on a protective cover so that this element does not wear out so quickly.

Furniture rotating wheel

Wheels with a special turning mechanism deserve special attention. They can be safely used for installation on furniture. These wheels are very functional. They will make moving furniture across the floor much easier. In some cases, even in order to move a large cabinet, you can do it yourself. Such wheels can be removed after installing the furniture so that they do not spoil its appearance.

How to disassemble the wheels to clean them of debris?

Dirt from the floor often gets into the rollers if hygiene is not followed. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the structure and clean the elements. It happens like this:

  1. Turn the chair over. Check for various dirt and other elements that interfere with the normal movement of the stool. Try cleaning everything manually. If that doesn't work, use scissors, a screwdriver, or any other thin tool.
  2. If you cannot do this, then you need to remove the wheels from the mount. To do this, turn the chair over. Use a screwdriver to remove the bolts from the structure.
  3. Using available cleaning products, clean the part from accumulated dirt. Rinse under running water to remove any remaining dirt.
  4. Wait until the element is completely dry. After this, reassemble in reverse order.

Recommendations from experts

If the wheel falls off on its own, you will not have to remove it from the mount. This situation greatly simplifies the task and the further algorithm of actions.

Turn the mount over and remove the remaining elements using a screwdriver. They can no longer be used, so just throw them in the trash. It is recommended to completely replace each fastening part. Choose wheels of the same brand, as different elements can make it difficult to move in a confined area. Comprehensive equipment replacement will significantly extend the life of your seat.

To replace the rollers on a chair, it is not necessary to contact specialists. To do this, you will need a little time, a minimum number of tools, as well as step-by-step instructions with comments. If replaced correctly, your device will last for many years.

A computer chair is an indispensable attribute of a modern office, study or workspace in the home. It is comfortable, versatile - adapted to different parameters and weights. The chair holds the back well, fixes posture, which makes a person less tired and reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system. Despite its reliability, the chair sometimes breaks, which causes inconvenience. One of the most common breakdowns is damage to the wheels. That is why you need to know how to remove the wheels from an office chair and replace them if necessary. Such repairs do not require special knowledge or high costs - you can do it yourself without calling a specialist.

In what cases is it necessary

Before studying the question of how to remove a wheel from a computer chair, you need to find out the nature of the malfunction. Roller failures come in several forms:

  • the wheel stops rotating;
  • scratches the floor surface;
  • falls out of the mount.

The reasons why the casters on an office chair are damaged can be different:

  • contamination - dust, dirt, threads, hair, falling on the wheel, clog it, interfere with proper functioning, which leads to premature wear;
  • heavy weight - constant loads contribute to breakage of small parts, fasteners, including the wheel;
  • mechanical damage – careless use often leads to malfunctions;
  • unevenness on the floor - due to prolonged use of the chair in such conditions, the socket becomes loose;
  • wear and tear – the lifespan of a computer chair is limited; over time, parts wear out and require replacement;
  • manufacturing defects.

Regularly cleaning them from dirt and foreign objects will help prolong the life of your wheels. Thanks to such procedures, the rollers will be able to move freely without feeling any obstacles. Replacing broken parts is always easier and cheaper than buying a new chair - they are available and easy to install.

For carpeted floors, it is recommended to choose a chair with smooth wheels; for slippery surfaces, it is advisable to use rubberized casters.


Before you remove the wheel from your office chair, you need to prepare your tools. In modern models this can be done without special devices. But there are cases when the chair has been in use for quite a long time, the parts have become deformed, bent, or worn out. Detaching the roller in this situation is a little more difficult. To make your work easier:

  1. Screwdriver or special plate. The thin part of the tool is used to pry up the wheel and carefully detach it. A screwdriver is also used to remove the plugs into which the rollers are inserted.
  2. Pliers. During the process of detaching the rollers, a metal pin may become stuck in the crosspiece. You can pull it out using pliers.
  3. Regular or rubber hammer. Helps, if necessary, to dislodge a wheel that is stuck. In addition, a rubber hammer is used to release the gas lift.

For more serious repairs, when you need to replace not only the rollers, but also the cross, you will need a ring drift. With its help you can easily separate the cross from the gas lift.

Selection rules

Once you decide on a design, there are a few things you need to know.

The possibility of installing wheels is determined by the dimensions of the landing rod. It may vary among different manufacturers. For Russian ones, the diameter is usually 10 mm and the length is 20 mm. For foreign companies, the diameter is usually 11 mm and the length is 30 mm.

This means that before purchasing a set of wheels, you need to measure these dimensions with a caliper. Or, as an option, take an old video with you and choose according to the sample.

Make sure there is a stopper on the rod. It is this part that fixes the roller in the cross

Some rollers are equipped with a threaded rod and nut. When choosing, make sure that the diameter and thread pitch match.

You can also select the diameter of the roller itself. Usually it is 37-50 mm. The larger the wheel, the better it rolls and overcomes bumps, but the more cumbersome it is.

Some wheels (mostly furniture ones) are equipped with a plate instead of a rod. If necessary, the plate can be replaced with a rod and vice versa.

Before buying a set of wheels, it is better to find the reason why the old ones failed. This will either prevent you from repeating mistakes or not be too upset about a breakdown.

Sequence of installation of new parts

After you have disassembled the office chair wheel, you can begin to inspect and possibly replace the broken elements. The option for repair and installation of new parts depends on the nature of the failure:

  1. The rollers do not rotate. Possible cause: contamination. The chair is turned over, the wheels are detached and inspected. If there is dirt and dust, they are cleaned with a brush or scissors (if they are wrapped in hair or thread). After you have managed to clean the wheels, they need to be washed and dried. Dry rollers are installed in place.
  2. The wheel falls out. Malfunction – the plug (the socket in the cross that secures the roller) is worn out. It needs to be replaced. To do this, the wheels are separated and the plastic protective covers are removed. Then, using a screwdriver, the plugs are pulled out. New sockets are installed, housings and rollers are returned to their place.
  3. Wheel damage. The roller itself or the locking ring, which is located on the axis of the landing pin, has broken. Thanks to this detail, the rollers are springy. Many people do not know how to change wheels. There is nothing complicated about this. The broken part is disconnected, the socket is inspected for damage and foreign objects, and a new wheel is installed.

In addition to damage to the rollers, other damage to the computer chair will occur:

  1. Gas lift malfunction. This is a detail that is responsible for a person’s comfortable position while working. With its help, the chair takes the desired height and backrest position. If the gas lift is broken, the seat does not rise, falls strongly or skews to one side. There are two ways to repair the chair - replacing or fixing the gas lift in one position.
  2. Broken crosspiece. This chair is quite durable, but if it breaks, the only way is to change it. Metal crosspieces are more durable and expensive, plastic ones are lighter and more affordable.
  3. Backrest malfunction. If the backrest does not lock in the desired position and hangs, then it needs to be changed. If the permanent contact handle, which secures the backrest, does not work, it is advisable to replace the permanent contact.

When disassembling the chair, under no circumstances should you knock on the gas chamber. You need to remove the gas lift carefully, striking accurately along the edge.

Damaged computer chair wheels cause a lot of inconvenience. Finding out the cause of the breakdown and eliminating it is easy and simple. This does not require special knowledge or professional tools. You can do the repair yourself, without the help of a specialist. This will save time and money.

How to remove wheels

After examining the possible problems, you can begin to fix the problem. Guide on how to remove a wheel from an office chair:

  • turn the chair over and place it on a stable surface;
  • try to detach the roller from the chair by hand;
  • if necessary, pry up the casing with a slotted screwdriver, move it to the side, hook the wheel and pull it out.

Sometimes just disassembling the wheels is not enough. To transport or replace main parts, the chair must be completely disassembled. It can be done in several stages:

  • the chair turns over, using a Phillips screwdriver, the bolts connecting the seat and the piastra, a device that adjusts the height of the chair, are unscrewed;
  • the armrests are removed - the mounting bolts are removed;
  • the gas lift is disconnected from the piastra by gently tapping the piastra with a rubber hammer;
  • the backrest is removed from the chair - the special bolts connecting the backrest and seat are unscrewed;
  • The crosspiece is removed - a ring drift is placed between the crosspiece and the gas lift and knocked out with a hammer.

Assembling a chair is more difficult than disassembling it. After removing the wheels from your office chair, you need to carefully pack all the parts so that not a single part gets lost.

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