Step-by-step instructions for replacing and repairing a gas lift in an office chair with your own hands

Design Features

All chairs designed for working at a computer have the same design, regardless of the brand and model. Some parts of the product can be removed and replaced with new ones to eliminate breakdowns. Experts recommend choosing furniture from domestic manufacturers so that there are no difficulties in selecting spare parts. The structural elements of a computer chair are listed in the table.

Part name Function
SeatThe main element of the chair.
BackSupport for the spine. The tilt angle can be adjusted.
ArmrestsProvide a comfortable hand position while working.
Cross with rollersThe supporting element on which the frame of the product is supported. Casters help you move furniture silently and easily.
Gas lift (pneumatic cartridge)Shock absorber and height adjuster.
Rocking mechanismFixing the product in the optimal position for work.

To understand how to properly disassemble an office chair, you need to know which elements can be detached. Removable parts are armrests (for some models), rollers on the cross and gas lift. The upholstery and filling of the seat and backrest can be changed, but this type of repair requires special equipment and is difficult to do at home. The frame of the product can be monolithic or consisting of separate parts fastened together with metal plates. In the second case, the components can be separated independently in the event of a malfunction.

Computer chair

Structural elements

Computer chair design

How to repair or replace an office chair gas lift

A computer or office chair is one of the pieces of furniture that, due to constant load, is highly susceptible to natural wear and tear. This factor, together with violations of operating conditions, is the most likely cause of a breakdown. How to make repairs? In what situations will it be necessary to replace the gas lift in the chair and how to do the work yourself? The answers follow.

Office Chair Gas Lift Replacement

Replacing the cross

This is what a metal cross with plastic casings on the bottom looks like

A separate case worth noting is the breakage of the crosspiece. Although this part is made of particularly durable materials, its breakage is not excluded, especially if it is made of plastic.

Types of crosses: plastic, aluminum, metal with wooden overlays

Fortunately, replacing this part with a new one is quite simple. You will need:

  1. new crosspiece;
  2. hammer;
  3. pliers.

To replace, follow the instructions: turn the computer chair upside down and remove the wheels from their mountings. Take pliers and use a circular motion to knock out the gas lift, making targeted blows along its edges

To remove the plastic cross from the gas lift, you need to hold onto the gas lift and lightly tap the cross with light blows of a hammer from above around the attachment point.

After disconnecting the crosspiece, install the wheels on the new one and insert the second part of the chair into the hole. You don’t have to worry about incompatibility, since the gas lift mount for all office chairs is standardized.

To knock the gas lift out of the crosspiece, it is better to use a spacer of the appropriate size. to prevent impacts to the central part of the gas lift

This way, you can repair any office chair with your own efforts, without the costly purchase of a new chair.

Sequence of work carried out

  1. We remove the seat. First you need to unscrew it from the pumping device. Turn the chair over, mark the back and front sides of the rocking mechanism, use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four bolts and carefully, so as not to strip the threads, remove the seat.
  2. We disassemble the gas lift. We try to knock it down by gently hitting the rocking mechanism at the base of the changing part of the chair with a hammer. If you do not succeed, squeeze the base of the adjusting device with cleats and turn the “rocker”.
  3. Separate the gas cartridge from the cross. To perform this procedure, you will need a metal drift. To make the actions simple and easy, spray the top and bottom of the crosspiece where it joins and the gas cartridge with WD40 lubricant. Now place the cross with the rollers facing up. Gently tap the device out of the cone base. It is better to do this part of the work together, since it will not be possible for one to do it alone.
  4. We replace the broken gas cartridge with a new device. With some effort, we insert the new one into the crosspiece. It is necessary to make sure that the diameter of the gas lift matches the size of the hole in the cross. The cover must be placed on the device before attaching it to the seat.
  5. We attach the swinging mechanism. The procedure is carried out in the reverse order of the first operation. The mechanism is secured with the same four bolts. The main thing is to ensure that the sides of the seat and mechanism, which were designated at the initial stage of repair, correspond.

PS Now you know what to do if the gas lift height adjustment device for the chair begins to fail. Replacing a gas appliance does not require much time, and it is carried out in just 15 minutes, no more. Here is a description of the work sequence. Do everything right so that the money spent on buying a new mechanism is not wasted.

Tips for use

An office chair, especially a refurbished one, is a rather fragile and vulnerable structure. During operation, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the instructions. If you ignore existing rules, the shelf life of the product will be significantly reduced. To ensure that your office furniture lasts a long time, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  1. It is not recommended to use chairs in rooms with high air humidity.
  2. If furniture is brought into an office or apartment from the cold, you cannot immediately begin assembly, because fragile plastic parts are very sensitive to temperature changes. It is better to start installation at least a day later.
  3. Do not put pressure on the bolts during assembly, otherwise the nut may fall under the upholstery and you will have to dismantle the seat in search of a fastener.
  4. Do not exceed the permissible load on the rollers and crosspiece.

Two people cannot sit on the chair, otherwise the base of the product may break. For heavy-weight employees, it is recommended to choose chairs with a metal cross: it is stronger and more reliable than plastic ones. It is strictly forbidden to fall onto the seat.

You should be aware of the fragility of the armrests. Under no circumstances should you sit on them. Experts recommend tightening all fastening bolts once a quarter so that they do not become loose over time. You should not use the seat to transport heavy objects, as this will quickly deteriorate the upholstery and damage the mechanisms. You cannot carry a chair on the floor if it is covered with tiles: when the rollers get into the joints between its fragments, this leads to rapid wear.

The fabric of computer chairs is quite vulnerable to external influences. The seat and backrest should be vacuumed weekly to prevent dust from accumulating on them. In case of stubborn stains, you can use only the products recommended in the operating instructions. It is strictly forbidden to use traditional methods.

In order for the chair to serve for a long time and not break, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the operating requirements. If the warranty on a piece of furniture has already expired, you can carry out simple repair work yourself. The success of the repair depends on the complexity of the breakdown, as well as on the quality of the spare parts chosen to fix the problem.

Operating rules

Computer chair repair: tips and instructions

A computer chair is an essential attribute of a modern person’s workplace, without which it is difficult to imagine a study or office.

Office chairs are designed to be lightweight, maneuverable and comfortable for long periods of work in the office or at home.

The comfort of a computer chair is expressed in its ergonomic and functional form, it is suitable for people of any build, height or weight. All this is possible thanks to the unique ability to adjust the height or level of backrest tilt to the needs of a specific user, for which the gas lift built into the design of each chair is responsible.

The main signs of a gas lift malfunction

However, this same part is also a vulnerable point, the breakdown of which renders the entire functionality of the seat unusable.

Types of office chairs

Today, there are three types of chairs on the office furniture market:

  1. For a manager This piece of furniture usually has maximum capabilities: a five-beam steel cross; synchronization mechanism (a device that forces the seat and backrest to repeat the movements of the owner); mechanisms for adjusting backrest resistance, seat depth, negative tilt, etc.
  2. For staff, furniture of this type has more modest characteristics and functionality. Most varieties are lightweight (ensuring high mobility) and are equipped with mechanisms for adjusting seat height, armrests, and back angle.
  3. For visitors, Office chairs of this modification are simply beautiful, stable and comfortable furniture, devoid of any functionality. Often they do not even have a rotation mechanism and are produced on four legs, instead of one supporting leg with a cross on wheels.

How to repair an office chair gas lift with your own hands: Review + Video

An office chair is a modern, multifunctional piece of furniture.
But, unfortunately, unlike other cabinet furniture, it has the highest percentage of wear and tear. Heavy daily use can lead to mechanical or hydraulic failure. In such a situation, it is important to understand the cause of the malfunction, and based on it, there are three ways to solve the problem: take it to specialists for repair, buy a new one, or fix it yourself. In our publication we will talk about how to repair an office chair yourself.

Causes of failure

Computer chairs, when used correctly, last for many years. In the event of a manufacturing defect in the gas spring, the furniture can be replaced, especially if it has a warranty. But replacing the gas lift, either with your own hands or with the help of professionals, may also be necessary if the product is used incorrectly. Main causes of breakdowns:

  1. Creating an advantage. It is not recommended to sit on one side of the seat; you need to sit in the middle.
  2. Irregular furniture care. It is recommended to lubricate parts at the intervals specified in the instructions for use.
  3. Frequent placement of two people on one chair. The structure can support a weight not exceeding 120 kilograms.

It is not recommended to sit down from a jump or run, otherwise there is a high probability of the gas spring breaking, as a result, you will have to change the gas lift on the office chair, which will entail additional financial costs.

Operating principle of gas lift

In what cases is replacement necessary?

Since this is the most important element, you should not neglect the timely (in case of breakdown) replacement of the gas lift in an office chair. Such furniture is designed to last a long time, but problems do occur. The most common faults are:

  • the seat does not stay in the desired position and falls spontaneously;
  • the lifting mechanism does not react in any way to pressing the lever;
  • the chair is fixed in the desired position, but falls down when you sit on it;
  • the skew of the furniture in one direction is noticeable to the naked eye;
  • The seat is loose and wobbles in different directions.

Most often, the gas lift breaks due to improper use of the chair. For this reason, the following actions are prohibited:

  1. Creating an advantage. It occurs if you sit on one side. The correct position is in the middle.
  2. Landing for two. The weight that this furniture can withstand does not exceed 120 kg.
  3. Jumping from a running start or from a jump. Children especially love to do this. A sudden load damages the mechanism.

Features of placing a chair on the balcony, suitable furniture models

In addition, timely maintenance of office chairs should not be neglected. It is recommended to lubricate the functional parts of the mechanism regularly. The timing is indicated in the instructions for the chair.

Using a piece of furniture for entertainment - spinning like on a carousel, riding around the room - is not forbidden. However, you should not abuse this. The main purpose of furniture is not play at all. This should be explained to children, teaching them to be careful.

How to repair it yourself?

Despite the complexity of the design of a computer chair, you can carry out high-quality repairs yourself at home. In order to repair a product, you must have basic professional skills, as well as a standard set of tools.

To restore the integrity of the crosspiece, you can use two repair methods.

The first method involves filling the voids of the cross with polypropylene pipes and then fixing them with glue or a soldering iron. This method is short-lived and is only suitable for emergency repairs.

Professional craftsmen recommend using the second repair method, which consists of the following steps:

  • dismantling rollers;
  • removal of piastres;
  • dismantling the locking clip;
  • dismantling the gas elevator.

If the swing mechanism fails during operation and the backrest is not held in a vertical position, then experts recommend replacing it completely. To dismantle the element, it is necessary to unscrew the fixing bolts or nuts, remove the gas lift and dismantle the damaged swing mechanism.

If the damage is minor, then you can try to restore the old element, otherwise you need to purchase and install a new part. If the chair was manufactured in another country, you may encounter a problem with the size of the elements not matching. Experts recommend installing adapter plates that will help prevent drilling additional holes.

A gas lift is a non-repairable element; if it breaks, a new part must be installed. The repair process involves the following stages of work:

  • dismantling all external elements;
  • removing the protective casing;
  • removing the spring latch from the seat;
  • dismantling the bearing and all fixing elements;
  • removing the cross;
  • removing the cover;
  • dismantling a damaged gas lift.

In order to prevent inaccuracies during work, it is better to photograph all stages performed.

Dismantling process taking into account the type of base

Before you begin repairing it yourself, you need to thoroughly understand how to properly remove the gas lift from an office chair. Inept actions can simply break the mechanism.

To replace the gas lift in a chair you will need:

  • a Phillips screwdriver designed for assembling and disassembling furniture;
  • rubber hammer - it will not damage plastic and metal parts;
  • ring punch - a tool that allows you to press parts out of holes.

And, of course, a new lifting device. A vice and lubricating fluid will help facilitate the dismantling process. It is recommended to treat the joints with it in advance, 12–15 hours in advance, to make the disassembly process easier. The replacement for any such structure will be similar, but there are some nuances depending on the type of base: plastic and metal.

It is not possible to repair an office chair gas lift at home. This is a completely sealed design. Gas is pumped into it using factory equipment and, even in the event of a breakdown, does not come out. Therefore, at home you can replace this mechanism with a new one or fix the lifting device in one position.

crosshead screwdriver

Rubber hammer

Ring punch


The sequence of actions includes the following steps:

  1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the bolts that secure the seat to the piastre.
  2. Place the chair in its normal position and remove the seat along with the decorative cover of the lift. It’s convenient to do this if you rest your foot on the crosspiece and pull the chair up, rocking it from side to side.
  3. Turn the cross over, remove the decorative plug and the pin that secures the gas lift.
  4. Knock the gas lift out of the chair using gentle movements of a rubber hammer, helping with a drift if necessary.
  5. Replace the broken mechanism.
  6. Reassemble the chair in reverse order.

The new gas lift for the chair must be inserted into the crosspiece, applying force, until a characteristic click is heard. Then put on the casing and only then connect it to the piaster.


The sequence of actions for gas lift chairs with a metal base will be the same as for plastic ones - they have the same structure. The difference lies in the characteristics of the material itself. Both of them can break. But if the plastic cracks as a result of inept actions, then low-quality metal (too thin, soft) will bend or be scratched. Therefore, you need to act taking into account the material.

Regardless of whether metal or plastic is used for the base, all movements must be careful. You should tap the hammer in different places, distributing them evenly over the entire surface of the structure. This will ensure a smooth exit of the gas elevator.

If you follow the instructions and do not make any drastic manipulations, repairing an office chair gas lift is not that difficult. This will help avoid expensive furniture replacement; a chair with a new lifting mechanism will last quite a long time. If you have doubts about your own abilities, you should ask a more experienced person for help and carry out the replacement together.

DIY office chair repair instructions, types of breakdowns

Unscrew the fasteners and pull the seat towards you

Use weak blows to knock the gas lift out of its base.


Structural elements and common breakdowns

You should not purchase furniture for your home or office if the manufacturer provides a warranty of less than one and a half years. Experience shows that such products quickly fail. If, after the expiration of the warranty period, the furniture begins to poorly perform its basic functions, you must first find out the causes of the malfunction. They may be different. The most common problems are described in the table below. When you know what's broken, it's easier to plan and carry out repairs.

MalfunctionCause of the problem
Seat won't go up or downThe tip of the lever that presses on the gas lift button is bent or broken
Problems with wheelsBroken bushing, missing retaining ring
The chair is skewed to one side or another when sittingThe fastenings are not tightened tightly, the backrest mechanism is worn out, manufacturing errors
The back is loose, it is difficult to fix it in a stationary positionThe permanent contact - the element connecting the seat to the support - has worn out
The chair has become unstableThe gas lift is out of order, the swing mechanism is broken

The main structural elements of the product: seat, backrest and crosspiece with rollers. If at least one part of the general mechanism fails, the chair cannot be used until the fault is completely eliminated. Repairs may require additional parts to replace broken or worn parts. They can be found in service centers or ordered in an online store from a furniture manufacturer. There you can also learn how to repair a chair with your own hands at minimal cost.

To make DIY repairs easier, it is recommended to choose domestically produced office furniture. Chairs from foreign manufacturers are of good quality and have a long service life, but in the event of a malfunction, it is very difficult to obtain spare parts. Not all European furniture companies have official representatives in Russia.

Structural elements

What is gas lift in an office chair?

The design of such furniture is multi-component and complex, so it is not recommended to do the repair of office chairs yourself without first understanding their “stuffing”. So, the main task of the backrest is to support the spine of a sitting person. Its sizes and shapes may vary, but the angle between it and the seat is always about 90 degrees, which allows you to relax your lower back when leaning back.

The seat can be of several types, they are discussed in the table.

SoftSprings, foam rubber
HardMetal, wood, straw
Semi-softPolymer materials

Armrests serve as a support for the elbows; with their help, the load is removed from the person’s spine and neck. These elements may be adjustable or non-adjustable. A piastra is a metal platform on which a lever is attached. Its function is to change the height of the seat. As for the gas lift itself, it is a steel cylinder filled with inactive gas. It adjusts the product in height, it can be long, medium and short. There is also a cross - a load-bearing component of the structure. It is a large-diameter base with rays, their optimal number is 5 pieces. It is the cross that bears the main load.

Rollers are used to move the computer chair. They are made from polymers, polyurethane or nylon. All these components are the main components of the design. In addition to them, manufacturers equip products with additional mechanisms that improve the functionality of office furniture.

Having understood the general principles of design, it is important to understand what a gas lift is in an office chair. A hydraulic cylinder, designed specifically for this type of furniture, is an elastic spring with air compressed and pumped into it

When the piston pressure is high, the structure lowers; when the piston pressure is low, vice versa. The device is located in the crosspiece and is fixed at the base of the seat.

Understanding the functions of a gas lift will help you repair a computer chair yourself:

  1. Absorbs shock load on the spine. The design acts as a shock absorber when a person sits down. The system springs the seat, which reduces the load on the back.
  2. Adjusts the sitting position. With the help of a gas lift, a person can easily adjust the height of the chair. If you press a special lever installed under the seat, you can quickly raise or lower the structure.
  3. Rotates furniture around its axis. A sitting person can turn around and take what he needs without getting up from his chair.

The gas cartridge system is quite simple, so repairing an office chair with gas lift is not difficult. The operating principle of the device is as follows:

  1. The product includes a valve and two reservoirs. When the first element is closed or opened, compressed air flows through the bypass channel from one reservoir to another.
  2. If the chair needs to be raised, the lever must be pressed. The valve will open, the air in it will begin to press on the piston, it will go down, and the seat will rise up.
  3. To fix the computer furniture, you need to release the lever. The valve will close, the piston will stop and fix the structure in this position.
  4. To lower the product, you need to press the lever again, the seat will lower under the weight of the sitting person.

Description and purpose

A gas lift (gas spring) is a part of an office chair that, under the pressure of compressed air, pushes out a metal cylinder. The latter adjusts the seat position (that is, it allows you to raise and lower the seat). Sometimes a gas lift is compared to a shock absorber. But these details have nothing in common. Shock absorbers dampen vibrations, while gas lift performs other functions.

Structurally, this mechanism consists of the following components:

  • metal case;
  • a cylinder consisting of two gas reservoirs and supplemented by a bypass valve;
  • a piston and rod located inside the central cylinder and allowing the chair to move up and down;
  • buttons through which the position is adjusted.

Gas lift performs several useful functions:

  1. Helps to choose the appropriate office chair height according to a person’s height.
  2. Provides rotation of the chair around its axis.
  3. Partially relieves the load experienced by the human spine.

A gas lift is a completely sealed cylinder. The gas contained inside is injected during the production process. For the manufacture of this mechanism, high-strength steel is used, which can withstand various types of external influences, including strong impacts. The gas does not come out.

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