How to properly wash fabric blinds at home so as not to spoil them

How to wash fabric vertical blinds in a washing machine at home? A very common question from many housewives who have already acquired or are just about to purchase a similar item of modern exterior. This new product has become quite popular these days and is a worthy competitor to heavy drapes and voluminous curtains that steal our space in the apartment. In addition, as it turned out, blinds still have one undeniable advantage - they are absolutely unpretentious and do not cause any difficulties during maintenance.

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  • Cleaning different types of blinds

    Both natural and synthetic materials can be used to make blinds. It can be plastic, wood, textiles, metal. Depending on the design and material of the blinds, different types of maintenance are required.


    For regular care of fabric blinds, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment for upholstered furniture. If fabric blinds have a high density, they can additionally be wiped with a special fabric brush.

    But if heavy dirt appears, you need to remove the blinds and wash them. However, you should not wash blinds in a washing machine. This can lead to loss of appearance of the slats. Therefore, it is better to do it manually or take it to dry cleaning. For washing, use dishwashing detergent or liquid soap. After washing, the slats should be rinsed thoroughly and dried.

    If stains appear on the fabric slats, it is not necessary to immediately remove them into the fastenings. You can use a stain remover that does not contain chlorine. After removing the stain, the area should be rinsed thoroughly.

    Fabric slats should be dried in a horizontal position. After washing, fabric blinds must not be ironed. But if they are severely deformed, you can carefully iron them at a low temperature and through gauze.


    Plastic blinds are unpretentious and easy to maintain. To return them to a fresh and clean appearance, you must follow a certain sequence of actions:

    1. Dry cleaning. First, you need to remove dust from the slats with a vacuum cleaner using a soft furniture brush.
    2. Wet cleaning. To make them shiny and clean, wipe them with a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth soaked in window cleaner. Wipes should be changed when they become dirty.
    3. Spring-cleaning. If the structures become very dirty with grease and dust, it is recommended to remove them and wash them in the shower or soak them in the bath for 30-40 minutes. After washing, the slats should be thoroughly wiped with a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth.

    The hardest thing to clean are the plastic blinds that hang in the kitchen. A greasy coating appears on them, in which dust and other contaminants stick. To wash them, it is best to use dishwashing detergent, which quickly dissolves grease and returns shine to the slats.


    Most often, aluminum is used to make metal blinds, which tolerates exposure to non-abrasive detergents and water. For regular cleaning, it is enough to vacuum the slats or wipe them with a soft cloth. However, if it is heavily soiled, it is recommended to remove the structure from the window.

    When washing aluminum blinds you should consider:

    • when cleaning, you need to be careful not to bend the slats;
    • Do not use alcohol to clean white aluminum blinds;
    • until the blinds are dry, they should not be hung on the window;
    • The work should be done carefully so as not to cut yourself with sharp edges.

    To quickly wash aluminum blinds, use a soapy solution and a soft cloth. After that, the blinds need to be thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry. A great way to quickly clean is to use wet wipes. In this case, you can use both special household wet wipes and ordinary hygiene wipes. You can also use window cleaner.


    Wooden blinds are the most difficult to care for. They require the most careful care and the use of only special products. Do not get them wet or use abrasive detergents or washcloths. If the dirt is very dirty, you can use a slightly damp cloth, but immediately after that you need to wipe it dry.

    To care for such blinds, it is best to use special preparations designed for wooden products. They must have neutral acidity and do not contain silicone or aggressive components. If there are scratches or other minor damage on the surface, you can use furniture wax to remove them.

    How to easily clean blinds?

    Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, because the process itself and detergents depend on several factors:

    • type of blinds - vertical, horizontal, removable, fixed;
    • materials - fabric, aluminum, plastic, wood and others.

    The most common type of slats is horizontal, so we’ll start with this review of easy and quick cleaning methods.

    General tips for caring for blinds with fabric slats

    In order for products made from fabric strips to retain their presentable appearance longer, the following rules for their use should be observed:

    1. During the production process, fabrics are treated with antistatic impregnation, which helps prevent dust from settling on the lamellas. When washing, the impregnation is washed out, the material gets dirty faster. Frequent washing is contraindicated for him.
    2. It is not recommended to expose fabric to hot soapy solutions. This causes the material to delaminate and lose its presentable appearance.
    3. When exposed to water, lamellas with fiberglass reinforcement lose their shape and become covered with bumps. Such items can only be cleaned using dry methods.
    4. In order not to bring the blinds to a critical state and need to be dry cleaned, it is necessary to clean them weekly of plaque with a wet sponge or vacuum cleaner.

    After purchasing and installing sliding structures, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for caring for them. And it is indicated in the instructions supplied with the product.

    Tips for use

    To maximize the attractive appearance of new blinds, you must follow the tips and rules for their operation:

    1. For the kitchen, choose plastic slats that are easy to wash and remove. It is better to avoid fabric ones - not only are they difficult to wash, but they also absorb odors.
    2. Use only gentle household chemicals. Regular soapy water can remove most stains.
    3. It is much easier and more efficient to dry clean fabric slats. This pleasure is not so expensive - a meter of cleaning the most expensive jacquard blinds starts from 250 rubles.
    4. If the vacuum cleaner is too powerful and the suction power is not adjustable, then it is better not to use it on blinds.
    5. After cleaning, do not forget about the antistatic agent.
    6. If you don’t have a suitable cloth, you can use a regular sock placed on your hand.
    7. Wipe after each cooking to avoid the accumulation of large amounts of grease. Or at least turn on the hood while cooking fatty foods.
    8. Before using a new detergent or recipe, it is better to test it on a small and inconspicuous area of ​​the lamella.
    9. Before soaking the blinds, you need to close them, or set them to “sun protection” mode. If this is not done, then the lamellas will not only not be washed, but will also stick together.
    10. It is undesirable to use abrasives and hard brushes.

    If you spend up to five minutes on the slats once a day and shake off the dust, the blinds will always look neat and aesthetically pleasing, and more complex cleaning can be done much less frequently.

    Can blinds be washed?

    Blinds are a type of curtains assembled from strips of different widths, lengths, and colors.

    Lamels (strips) are made from a wide variety of fabrics treated with impregnation. All of them can be divided into three groups:

    1. based on synthetic fibers;
    2. based on natural fibers;
    3. mixed (blinds made from natural materials are rarely found in their pure form; most often the fibers are mixed with synthetics).

    You can wash slats of any type, but before this procedure you need to understand what kind of fabric you have in front of you, as there are some restrictions.

    For linen, cotton, jacquard, only hand washing is allowed. Violation of this rule can lead to the stripes becoming deformed: they will become wavy, shrink and look sloppy.

    Machine wash is allowed for all other types - synthetic and mixed.

    If it is difficult to understand what material you have in front of you, you can calculate it by its price. Most often, cheap blinds are made of polyester, but it is quite difficult to determine the fabric of an expensive model. If the price is high, it is better to go to dry cleaning.

    In addition, the blinds may have a pattern that risks being erased during the cleaning process. It is also advisable to send them to professionals or wash them yourself, but at the lowest temperature, by hand.

    Can roller blinds be washed?

    Roller blinds for windows can be made from natural and artificial materials. Most often when creating them they use:

    • linen, cotton and satin;
    • polyester;
    • polyvinyl chloride and fiberglass.

    Roller blinds made from pure natural materials are rarely found. Typically, linen and cotton are blended with polyester to enhance the durability and reflective properties of curtains. The top of the fabric is coated with a special impregnation with an antistatic and dirt-repellent effect.

    Roller curtains must be washed very carefully, without damaging the special impregnation or deforming the fabric.

    You can wash fabric roller blinds at home; if you follow the rules, the products can safely withstand contact with water and mild detergents. But curtains are very sensitive to excessive wetness and mechanical stress; they can easily become deformed. Therefore, they cannot be washed in an automatic machine; if soiled, they can be washed by hand or gentle wet cleaning.

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    Wet cleaning

    It is recommended to wash only plastic and metal slats at home. Textile and wooden products require an individual approach to cleaning.

    How to wash fabric slats

    It is better not to rub textiles with a damp cloth, but to remove them from the window for washing. But if this is not possible, then first you just need to thoroughly vacuum the canvas, and then treat each lamella with a steam generator, which can be rented if necessary. Vertical strips should be steamed from top to bottom. To prevent dirt from dripping onto the floor and damaging it, place a rag, towel or a container.

    If during the processing process you find strong stains, to wash them, rub for 10-15 minutes with stain remover for cleaning furniture, scrub a little with a brush or sponge. You should wash not only the stain itself, but also the area around it. Rinse the product thoroughly with clean water and then treat the lamella with a steam generator again.

    How to wash wooden blinds

    Let us separately examine the question of how to clean horizontal blinds? This type of product requires special, careful care. Wooden slats cannot be wiped with a damp cloth or brushes; for these purposes it is better to use polishes. You can wash it with a flannel rag, tongs, or put a soft sock on your hand.

    The canvas of horizontal blinds is lowered over the entire window, the slats are set to the “light diffusion” mode - the flat part of the slats looks at the window sill. The vertical curtain is stretched across the entire opening, the slats are turned with the edge towards the window, the flat surface is perpendicular to the glazing.

    The polish is applied to the fabric, then each lamella is individually clamped and thoroughly rubbed. Don’t forget to wipe the edges thoroughly; when cleaning, a lot of dirt accumulates on them.

    Be sure to wear gloves when working, this way you will protect your hands from cuts from sharp edges and your skin from being corroded by chemicals.

    Features of caring for metal and plastic blinds

    Blinds made of metal and plastic can be washed safely. The cheapest and fastest way:

    • open the curtain over the entire window, turn the slats to the “closed” mode;
    • prepare a container with a soap solution, you can use powder, but experienced housewives recommend diluting dishwashing liquid;
    • dip a rag or sponge, squeeze it a little so that the water does not run off too much, wet the entire cloth thoroughly, leave for a few minutes so that the dirt comes off the surface;
    • rinse the rag, start wiping away the stains from top to bottom;
    • areas of heavy dirt can be lightly rubbed with pastes, but do not press the sponge too hard so as not to scratch the protective layer of the slats;
    • when one side is washed, repeat the procedure on the other side;
    • leave the curtain to dry, then spray glass washing liquid on the canvas, rub the slats thoroughly with a dry cloth, they will shine like new;
    • raise the blinds and wash the window;
    • lower the canvas again and spray it on both sides with antistatic agent, so that dust will not settle on the strips for some time.

    It must be said that this option is only good for horizontal products, since the canvas can be pressed against the window, thus creating a support. There is nothing to support the vertical curtains; you will have to wash each strip separately.

    Instead of a soap solution, you can immediately spray glass washing liquid over the canvas and thoroughly rub the slats with dry rags. But this option is advisable if the slats are not very dirty.

    Plastic and aluminum blinds can also be washed with a steam generator. When hot cleaning, steam removes all the fumes and grease well, especially when it comes to the curtain in the kitchen.

    A soft fabric sock is very convenient for washing and polishing the slats

    The method is easy, but not economical

    Using the following method, you can clean all types of horizontal and vertical slats, except fabric ones. Before starting work, you need to stock up on wet wipes; those designed for wiping office equipment are best cleaned.

    Open the canvas and place the slats in a position convenient for washing. We clamp the bar with a napkin, run our hand along it and carefully remove the dust. Essentially, this is the same as washing with a rag or tongs, but there is no need for basins with soapy water and rinsing of work equipment.

    If you don’t have the time or desire to wash the blinds yourself, you can order professional dry cleaning at home

    In conclusion, we offer a video story in which one of the owners of horizontal blinds shares her experience on how to wash blinds without removing them from the window.

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    Ways to wash blinds

    There are many ways to wash fabric vertical blinds: hand washing, machine washing, using a steam cleaner. With the help of the latter you don’t even have to take them off. The device will remove all existing dirt and dust particles, all that remains is to remove the dark liquid. The treated fabric can be wiped with a rag soaked in a soap solution with a little vinegar added. Afterwards, the product must be wiped with clean water.

    Attention! Do not wash the product without prior preparation. Before washing, the product should be immersed in warm soapy water for an hour.

    Thanks to this, they will be more resistant to mechanical stress.

    As an alternative to washing powders, to reduce the likelihood of damage to the product, you should use these detergents:

    1. Liquid stain remover. A detergent that is designed specifically for items made of delicate fabrics is suitable.
    2. Ammonia. It is necessary to dilute ammonia with clean water. This remedy can even get rid of ink stains if you add a pinch of baking soda.
    3. Lemon juice. Effectively removes drink stains. You should not apply juice to colored fabric blinds because lemon can lighten them.

    Berry stains can be removed with nail polish remover, but only those that do not contain acetone will work.

    How to wash vertical blinds in a washing machine

    Many people clean fabric blinds without any problems using washing machines, although many experts strongly do not recommend doing this

    It is important to adhere to the following rules:

    1. Before placing the blinds in the drum, it is necessary to remove dust particles using a vacuum cleaner; old stains should be washed by hand.
    2. Vertical strips need to be rolled into rolls of 6 pieces and placed in fabric bags. Any unnecessary piece of fabric will do for this.
    3. Can be washed at a temperature of at least 35 degrees, without spinning.
    4. Only natural detergents, baby soap, and wool stain remover are suitable.

    When the process comes to an end, you need to make sure that there are no marks left on the fabric vertical blinds. Can be rinsed again in the washing machine.

    How to wash vertical blinds by hand

    You can wash vertical fabric blinds at home using the most delicate method only by hand.

    Washing in the bathroom. First you need to pour water at room temperature. If the rolls are bright in color, then you should fill the bathtub with cool water. Add a little detergent. It is necessary to place the product in the bath so that it does not bend, otherwise it may be damaged. You should leave them for one hour, then clean them with a cloth and wait half an hour. If the blinds are completely clean, you need to rinse them with water. If dirt remains, you can clean it again.

    Synthetic products can withstand cleaning with a stiff clothing brush. When cleaning cotton and linen items, use a soft sponge or cloth.

    Washing in a basin. Fill the container with water and add a little stain remover. The strips must be carefully rolled up and tightened with an elastic band. Place them in fabric bags. Soak for an hour. If they are not clear of stains, you can wait another hour. Then rinse under running water.

    How to wash fabric blinds without removing them from the cornice

    In order for blinds to please you with their appearance, they need to be looked after regularly. You can wash them twice a year, but if the stains appeared earlier, you should clean them, but it is not necessary to remove them from the windows. It's very easy to do this:

    1. First you need to remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner. For this purpose, a nozzle with a soft brush (which is usually used to clean upholstered furniture) and the most delicate mode are suitable.
    2. Afterwards you need to dilute warm water with liquid gel.
    3. All that remains is to moisten a rag in the detergent and wipe the vertical fabric blinds. When the water gets dark, change it.
    4. The last step is to fill the basin with clean water and rinse all the strips to remove any remaining gel.

    To ensure that the fabric retains its appearance longer, you can wipe the product with diluted conditioner.

    How to dry vertical fabric blinds correctly?

    Properly dried blinds guarantee a long service life, but if you disturb the process, they will immediately turn into a shapeless mass. That's why:

    • After washing, immediately start drying the lamellas, otherwise if you hesitate, you risk getting multiple creases, which there is practically no chance of getting rid of;
    • Dry the fabric in a ventilated room, and if possible, in the fresh air, securing them with twine;
    • Do not allow, even in emergency cases, to hang lamellas on heating appliances, much less near a source of open fire; such exposure will negatively affect the shape and color of the products.

    It is undesirable to open the windows in the room until the product is completely dry, otherwise the damp cloth will, as if like a magnet, attract dust from the street and then all cleaning of vertical blinds at home will go to waste.

    How to wash horizontal aluminum blinds in 4 minutes

    There are two ways to clean up.

    1. Remove and wash directly in the bathtub

    To wash this way, do the following:

    Aluminum blinds are first removed from the window opening and the cords are carefully wound up so that you don’t have to waste time unraveling them later. Washing powder or any non-aggressive dishwashing detergent is dissolved in water, and the blinds are placed in this solution. Leave them for 5–10 minutes. Then clean the slats with a sponge or cloth. Upon completion of the procedure, rinse the blinds under running water, thoroughly rinsing them from the cleaning solution, otherwise the smell of the detergent will linger in the room for a long time. Next, dry the blinds well while hanging, otherwise the slats may stick together or lose color. Carefully wipe areas where moisture accumulates to reduce the risk of corrosion.

    1. Wash blinds without removing them from the window. The procedure for this is almost the same as in the previous version. The difference is that the soap solution must be applied to the slats hanging in the opening, turned to a vertical position. Then they are transferred to the horizontal plane and wiped.
    2. Instead of a washcloth, use textile gloves. Wear regular household knitted gloves over rubber gloves. This will allow you to grip each lamella from both sides at once. Cleaning time will be halved.
    3. Use special brushes for cleaning blinds. They grab from 2 to 5 lamellas at the same time, and wipe both sides at once.
    4. Use highly effective products that quickly and effectively dissolve contaminants.
    5. After work, apply car wax or a regular antistatic agent to a clean surface. This will reduce the number of cleanings.
    6. Dust or vacuum your blinds regularly.


    Plastic models cannot be rolled up and machine washed. They are washed, like horizontal aluminum models, on the window using cleaning solutions.

    • Close the curtain.
    • Move the slats to the open position so that their ribs are facing you. There should be enough space between the slats so that you can work comfortably.
    • Apply liquid detergent from a spray bottle to the front and back of the blinds.
    • Use a soft sponge or a special brush to wipe each strip of plastic.
    • Using a microfiber cloth or any material that absorbs water well, wipe the blinds dry so that there are no streaks left.

    In order to thoroughly wash heavily soiled textile strips, it is necessary to remove them from their fastenings and free them from weights and control cords. Stack the slats and roll them into a roll.

    • Pour water into a large container (large basin or bucket) and add cleaning agent to it according to the instructions.
    • Soak the curtain in the cleaning solution for half an hour so that all the dirt is well soaked and comes off the material.
    • Use a soft brush or kitchen sponge to wipe each lamella and remove any dirt.
    • Hang the strips over the bathtub to allow water to drain off them.
    • After drying, hang the fabric in place by inserting weights.
    • Secure the controls and enjoy a clean window.

    How to remove heavy stains?

    If dust from the blinds is easy to remove with a damp cloth soaked in a soap solution, then removing heavy dirt will be much more difficult. You can solve the problem with store-bought or folk remedies. If you decide to use traditional methods, make sure they are safe. To do this, carry out a test - apply the product in an invisible place and make sure that it does not harm the material.

    To remove dirt from fabric blinds, use:

    1. Store-bought stain remover . Choose a product designed for delicate items. Use it according to the instructions.
    2. Ammonia . Dilute ammonia with water in a 1:1 ratio. Soak a sponge or soft cloth in the solution and wipe heavily soiled areas with it. To remove ink stains, add a little baking soda to the solution.
    3. Lemon juice . Traces of tea can be removed with lemon juice. It is enough to gently wipe the problem areas with it. For colored slats, you should not use this method, since lemon juice can be aggressive towards the dye used.

    Marks from a felt-tip pen can be removed with nail polish remover, but you need to choose a composition that does not contain acetone.

    Note! Do not use stain removers that contain chlorine or other aggressive chemicals to remove stains.

    Wash vertical blinds by hand or in a machine. If this does not solve the problem, contact your dry cleaner. It is also worth using the services of specialists in cases where the structures are made of expensive fabrics. Dry cleaning services will cost less than buying new blinds if they are damaged.

    Follow the rules for caring for blinds, carefully select detergents for washing and wash carefully so as not to damage the slats.

    How to get rid of nicotine stains on plastic slats

    Heavy smokers know that the yellow coating is not so easy to remove from snow-white plastic. However, in this case there is a way out.

    The most proven and reliable method is to use a car interior cleaning product, or rather, aerosols to care for the plastic instrument panel. Since people often smoke in the cabin, auto chemical developers have invented many strong formulas that can easily cope with traces of nicotine and tar.

    If the plaque has not yet acquired a bright brown tint, you can try to get by with small amounts and use regular soda. Dilute it with water to a paste and apply to the stains. A strong alkaline solution acts like a bleach. Then remove the soda and rinse the slats with clean water.

    Regular bleach will help restore the whiteness of plastic.

    If all else fails, as a last resort, order photo printing in warm coffee tones. It will cover all the imperfections and help disguise future layers of tobacco plaque.

    As you can see, clean blinds are easy. Moreover, they only need to be washed a couple of times a year.

    In the washing machine

    This option is the most popular because it requires much less effort and energy. It has already been mentioned that it is worth making sure that the material can be machine washed. In the case of cotton and synthetics, you can safely start washing. If you are not sure of this, then you should not take risks. Sequencing:

    • The first step is to roll the slats into rolls. If they are narrow enough, then roll them 7-10 pieces in one roll. In the case of wide canvases, it is worth twisting them in 4-5 pieces.
    • Before loading the slats into the washing machine, place them in a special bag for delicate laundry. You can find them in hardware stores or make your own. Just use a pillowcase made of thin fabric.

    • To wash in a washing machine, you need to use gentle detergents in the form of a gel. You should not use powder, as this may cause white spots to appear on the canvas.
    • Choose gentle mode. Reduce the spin speed to a minimum, or better yet, turn it off to avoid pulling. Set the temperature setting to the minimum temperature.
    • After the wash is finished, carefully unroll each roll and rinse with cool water in the shower. The material does not need to be squeezed or twisted. To dry them, hang the slats away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
    • Hang the slats in the bathroom, wait until all the water has drained, and then return the blinds to their places, not forgetting to reattach the chains and weights.

    If you follow the recommendations for machine washing, your product will serve you for a long time, otherwise it will lose its functions and quickly become unusable.

    How to wash blinds by hand

    Vertical blinds are not only made of fabric, sometimes the canvas is assembled from plastic or aluminum slats. Any of these materials can be cleaned at home. Before washing vertical blinds, you need to carefully study the composition of the material; if this is not possible, then it is better to use general recommendations:

    • When cleaning, you should use products with a neutral environment;
    • water for washing should be no more than 30o;
    • Do not use bleaches containing chlorine;
    • It is not recommended to rub strongly in one place in order to avoid the formation of whitish spots and wear of the fabric; to get rid of heavy dirt, it is better to repeat the cleaning process 2-3 times, but do not rub;
    • You can only use very fine, gentle cleaning pastes, sponges with an abrasive surface, and brushes with soft bristles.

    To avoid damaging the slats, use only soft sponges and brushes to clean them.


    Remove the bottom chain, take out the weights, unfasten the lamella eye from the runner. Fold the strips one by one and roll them up. By the way, roller blinds are washed according to the same principle. Dilute the washing powder in warm water, lower the roll and let stand for half an hour or an hour, depending on the degree of contamination. Drain the dirty water and rinse the slats thoroughly without unwinding them. Fill with warm water and powder again.

    Carefully remove one strip and place it on the bottom of the bathtub or on another convenient surface, such as a table. Rub with a sponge or brush on one side, then on the other. Rub stubborn stains with stain remover, put the lamella aside and move on to the next one. Stack the cleaned strips again.

    When all the slats are cleaned, roll them up again, place them in a basin and rinse thoroughly from the shower. Take it out to drain the water. Dilute a weak vinegar solution in a basin, dip the roll in it and let it sit. This will help set the paint. Next, the slats can be left curled to allow the water to drain, or hung on a rope to dry. If necessary, before hanging the blinds back on the cornice, it is recommended to iron the strips with a steam iron at low temperature.

    Do not try to rub the vertical slats of the canopy with a damp cloth, this will only cause streaks and hopelessly ruin the blinds

    Machine washable

    Before washing your blinds in an automatic washing machine, carefully study its functions. To prevent the slats from losing their shape, it is recommended to wash them on a delicate cycle; you can turn them on the “baby laundry” cycle. If the equipment does not provide such functions, then it is better to abandon machine washing in favor of hand washing, but most modern models still have such functions to the delight of housewives.

    Be sure to turn off the spin cycle and set the water temperature to no more than 30°. It is better to use the powder for colored laundry so that the colors do not peel off or fade; after bleaching powders, the slats may lose color. To rinse to keep the stripes looking like new, it would be a good idea to use a color enhancer conditioner.

    Place the vertical slats in the “window closed” position. Vacuum the curtain on both sides. Pull out the bottom chain and remove the weights from the pockets. Stand on a stepladder and remove the strips from the curtain rod. Stack the fabric slats, one on top of the other, and roll them into a tight roll. Pour water into a basin, dilute the powder and soak for an hour, drain the water, rinse. If heavily soiled, repeat the process. When almost clean water flows out during rinsing, remove the roll and let the water drain. Fold the roll of fabric strips into a bag, tie it tightly so that it does not dangle during machine washing. Place in the washing machine. Turn on the desired mode, add powder, stain remover and conditioner. After one and a half to two hours, you can take out the clean slats, dry them, iron them and hang them on the curtain rod.

    Repair of vertical blinds

    Let's look at the most common types of breakdowns and their immediate repair.

    1. The cornice is out of order. You can’t do without specialists here, because it’s not so easy to determine the cause of the damage yourself. 2. The strips have deteriorated, most often at the fastening points. If the blinds are damaged, this does not mean that it is necessary to change the structure completely. You can only replace broken slats with new ones - cheap and cheerful.

    Damaged strips can be sewn or glued

    To replace the strips:

    1. Disconnect the strips from the hook, and then from the chain. If necessary, then adjacent planks too.
    2. After replacing the bar, perform the above steps in reverse order.

    However, if the planks are not badly damaged, they can only be restored. For example, disguise a small damage on a fabric strip with a neat seam, but you can simply glue a plastic lamella, etc., depending on the damage. Although, if a breakdown occurs at the fastening points, it is better to replace the slats with new ones.

    Carefully disconnect the chain from the slats, while carefully remembering the fastening algorithm: arrange the chain links in order, eliminating the breakage.

    4. The control rope is damaged. Here, as in the situation with the cornice, it is better not to take risks, but to trust the professionals.

    In general, if you carefully handle and timely care for vertical blinds, you can avoid all these inconveniences, and also significantly extend their service life.

    Useful tips for caring for vertical blinds

    Of course, each time you clean the curtains, you need to vacuum them with a special brush attachment; if you don’t touch the slats with your hands, then such cleaning is enough for two years, the curtain will hang like new. But over time, fabric blinds absorb odors, a thin coating of grease and soot appears on them; after all, no one is immune from accidental stains.

    If vertical fabric blinds require radical cleaning, in this case the easiest way is to remove the slats and take them to the dry cleaner; the services will entail some costs. In addition, you will have to stay with the windows open for several days, or figure out how to curtain them. Dry cleaning is, of course, very good, but it is not always acceptable.

    How far has technology come?

    You can handle cleaning fabric vertical blinds yourself if your household has a steam generator. The good news is that with this type of washing you will not need to remove the slats from the cornice. It is necessary to thoroughly steam each strip separately, from top to bottom. In areas of heavy dirt, steam several times and, if necessary, rub lightly, without pressing, with a soft brush. Essentially, this is the same dry cleaning, but at home. By the way, you don’t have to buy a steam generator; you can rent it.

    If you don’t have time to wash or are afraid of ruining your blinds, you can turn to the services of professionals; you don’t even need to remove the slats, they will clean the curtain right at your home

    Wet cleaning

    Dry cleaning is not suitable, there is no steam generator, but even in this case you can successfully cope with the task. You can wash fabric blinds with your own hands using a sponge, brush and soap solution. Manufacturers of light-protective products unanimously declare that the lamellas cannot be wetted, as this will cause them to lose their shape. Not so! Our housewives have successfully washed, are washing and will continue to wash!

    The process for wet cleaning blinds at home is as follows:

    • Vacuum the curtain to prevent dust from flying around the house.
    • Pull out the bottom chain and weights.
    • Remove the slats from the cornice; watch the video to see how to properly unclip the eyelet from the rotary slider.

    [su_youtube url=”"]

    • Carefully fold the lamellas one on top of the other and roll the stack into a roll.
    • Pour 30-40° warm water into a container, dilute powder for colored laundry, or better yet, dishwashing liquid.
    • Soak the roll with lamellas in the resulting solution for an hour.
    • Drain the water and rinse the slats thoroughly without unwinding.
    • Take one lamella from the roll, place it on the bottom of the bath or on the table, whichever is more convenient for you.
    • Dilute a soap solution in a basin and a stain remover in a separate container.
    • Soak a brush or sponge in the solution and go over the entire strip, always along the longitudinal thread, do not press hard or rub in one place, otherwise you will get whitish spots.
    • Examine the strip carefully; if any stains remain, apply stain remover and set aside.

    In this way, all slats should be cleaned. Stack the finished ones, then roll them up and rinse thoroughly out of the shower. Dilute a weak solution of vinegar in a basin, lower the strips there for 1-2 minutes to fix the paint. Pull it out, let the water drain, for convenience, you can put the slats in a plastic basket with holes. When the water has drained, hang the strips to dry.

    If everything is done carefully, the strips should not wrinkle and can be immediately hung on the curtain rod. If you still cannot do without ironing, then it can be done, the iron should be with steam, ironing only at low temperature.

    Throwing strips over a rope is not recommended, so as not to create creases

    When the lamellas have dried and returned to their place, treat the canvas with an antistatic agent from a can; it can be purchased at household chemical stores. It should be noted that such washing is better than any dry cleaning.

    How to machine wash

    Fabric vertical blinds can be successfully washed in an automatic washing machine. To do this, they need to be removed, folded one on top, and rolled into a strong roll. Next, we place it in a bag, but the roll should not dangle in it; to do this, tie it tightly. Place in the machine, add powder, add rinse conditioner, set to “delicate wash” without spinning. After completing the process, remove the slats, let the water drain and you can hang them on the curtain rod.

    We hope you find the following video useful; it shows in detail how to wash multi-textured slats.

    [s[su_youtube url=»"]p>

    How to wash vertical blinds - detailed instructions

    Caring for vertical fabric blinds

    After removing the blinds, we begin cleaning:

    There are three ways to clean them:

    1. Dry cleaning using a soft bristled brush.
    2. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
    3. Cleaning in a washing machine in the “gentle wash” mode.

    If you chose the latter method, then:

    1) Carefully and evenly, so as not to form kinks, roll the slats into a roll and lower them into a basin with warm and soapy water for 1 hour to unlock.

    2) Drain the dirty water and add new water to rinse the slats. But please note that it is strictly forbidden to wring them out and throw them over a rope, and it is also better not to iron them.

    3) After you have washed your fabric vertical blinds, hang the slats on the curtain rod and leave them to dry.

    4) Place the chain and bottom weights back on the blinds and leave to dry.

    Also keep in mind that there are some types of fabric for which only dry cleaning is acceptable! If your fabric vertical blinds are very dirty, then it is better to use the services of ultrasonic cleaning or dry cleaning.

    Caring for vertical plastic blinds

    If you have vertical blinds made of plastic or aluminum, then questions about how to wash vertical blinds should not arise, because everything is quite simple here:

    1. Wipe the slats with a damp cloth or sponge.
    2. Wipe the slats dry.

    However, there are nuances here:

    Firstly, you cannot wash the slats of plastic vertical blinds with hot water - no more than 40°C.

    Secondly, it is strictly forbidden to wet the metal elements of the cornice.

    And thirdly, wipe the slats of aluminum vertical blinds carefully and without pressing hard. Otherwise, there will be dents on the slats, which will ruin the appearance of the blinds.

    If you have vertical wooden blinds, wipe them with a cloth or vacuum them from time to time.

    If you regularly take care of your blinds, they will last you as long as possible and bring comfort to your room.

    How to wash: by hand or by machine?

    Please read the care instructions before washing. Follow all recommendations contained therein. Decide on the type of wash.

    Machine washable

    The washing machine is automatic and allows you to wash blinds made from cotton and synthetic fabrics. Before starting washing, run the idle rinse mode so that all particles of powder from the previous use of the equipment are thoroughly rinsed. Be sure to wash the powder container.

    Next, follow these steps:

    1. Carefully remove the slats. Roll each strip into a loose roll. You can roll the lamellas into a roll into several pieces (3–5 strips).
    2. Tie the rolls with thread or cover them with a rubber band.
    3. Place the prepared lamellas in a washing bag.
    4. Place the bag in the car.
    5. Pour washing gel into the powder container.
    6. Select one of the modes: “Wash delicate items”, “Hand wash”, “Gentle wash”.
    7. Turn off spinning and rinsing.

    The choice of automatic program depends on the characteristics of your washing machine

    It is important that the water temperature is within 30–35˚C, and the number of revolutions does not exceed 400. Otherwise, the products may become severely deformed during washing

    You need to be equally careful when choosing a detergent. Regular powder is not recommended. It can damage the slats and leave whitish spots and streaks on them. It is better to opt for a gel or liquid detergent for washing delicate or woolen items. An alternative could be shavings of baby soap. It removes dirt less well, but will not damage the lamellas.

    After machine washing, unwind each roll. Gently rinse each strip in clean, warm water. Avoid sudden changes in water temperature, as this may cause the lamellas to deform. They need to be dried in compliance with a number of rules.


    The manual washing process consists of the following steps:

    1. Remove slats and prepare for washing. Roll into rolls and tie with an elastic band or thread.
    2. Pour warm water into a large basin (temperature about 30–35˚C).
    3. Add laundry gel for delicate items.
    4. Place the prepared rolls in the soapy solution. It should completely cover the slats.
    5. Leave for 10–20 minutes. Then unwind each roll and check the strips for dirt.
    6. If the stains are not completely removed, use a soft sponge and soapy water to gently wipe the strips on each side.
    7. Rinse the slats in clean warm water. The most convenient way to do this is in the bathtub, using a shower head.
    8. Dry the strips.

    Additional cleaning option - video:

    During hand washing, do not rub or wring out the slats. It is worth refusing to use brushes, sponges with a rough surface and abrasives.

    How to wash blinds without removing them from the window?

    Fabric blinds should not be washed more often than every six months, but if dirt appeared earlier, they can be washed without removing them from the window. To do this you need to perform a number of simple steps:

    1. To remove excess dust, vacuum the slats with a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft brush attachment (for example, a furniture brush) and the most gentle operating mode.
    2. Dilute warm water with a detergent suitable for cleaning vertical blinds.
    3. Dampen a soft sponge in the prepared soap solution and wipe all the slats on both sides. If the water is dirty, change it to clean water.
    4. Then pour clean water into the basin and wipe all the strips again with a clean sponge to remove excess detergent.
    5. Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with diluted fabric softener and wipe the slats with it.

    Additional cleaning information - video:

    Fabric softener will refresh the appearance of vertical blinds, give them a pleasant smell and protect them from dirt. The product is also used if the slats are electrified. It is enough to wipe them with a sponge or rag in a solution with conditioner to solve the problem and get rid of static electricity.

    Advice! Until the blinds are completely dry, do not open the window.

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