Can a steam generator be used to clean windows?

With the arrival of warm summer days, housewives are faced with the question of keeping their windows clean. To wash it or not is not even considered, but with what and how is already a dilemma. I want to spend a minimum of time, effort and money on this. With the current variety of methods, it is difficult to choose the right one. The old-fashioned way with newspapers or with the help of special rags, using modern detergents or a newfangled steam generator for washing windows? The first two methods are well known to us, but it wouldn’t hurt to figure out the third.

Can a steam generator be used to clean windows?

The advertisement claims that the steam generator is ideal for washing windows of any type; it is convenient, quick and easy.

Is it really? What difficulties do housewives have to face in the process, how labor-intensive and convenient is it?

First things first: is it possible to wash a window with a steam generator, step-by-step instructions for the process, the pros and cons of the method, as well as which model of steam generator for washing windows to choose?

Steam cleaners for windows: features and subtleties of choice

Perhaps washing windows is the very activity that modern housewives dislike the most. With the onset of the warm season, it becomes necessary to thoroughly wash windows from dirt, dust, traces of rain and snow. To make cleaning your glass easier, you can purchase a special window steam cleaner. What are the features of such devices, as well as how to choose the appropriate option, you can find out from this article.

Can it be washed?

The device is recommended for wide use in cleaning - steam cleans and disinfects any surfaces, except polishing and paper. They are especially convenient for washing window units of any type of glazing.

Steam simultaneously performs several functions:

  • wets the surface so that the dirt comes off;
  • soaks up heavy dirt (traces of insects, glue residue from Christmas decorations, drops of grease in the kitchen, soot, and so on);
  • eats away the fatty film;
  • kills some colonies of germs and bacteria on handles, windowsills, and glass.

If with the classic method of cleaning you had to first apply chemicals or a soap solution to the surface, then rub off dirty spots, wipe and evaluate the result, wash off again, but now the remnants of the products, and wipe, wipe, wipe ad infinitum, then with steam everything is simpler.

In many household models, the temperature of the steam supply from the heating tank is 95 degrees Celsius; as it passes through the hose, it cools slightly and is supplied diffusely from the nozzle - this way it is impossible to burn your hand.

Significant advantages:

  • washes quickly and does not require effort;
  • disinfects the surface;
  • you don’t have to use chemicals;
  • washes all corners and hard-to-reach places;
  • Convenient to apply from the street side.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • an abundance of dirty water (those one and a half liters poured into the tank), which flows in streams onto the windowsill, floor;
  • some models do not have a water level sensor - cleaning in the midst of it may suddenly end;
  • To add a fresh portion, you need to wait until the device has cooled down.

It is important to remember that the speed and quality of cleaning are influenced by the specific features of the model and experience. The second or third time you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier to control.

Steam cleaner removes 99.99% of bacteria

The best and easiest way to fight bacteria, in some cases, is ordinary steam. A powerful stream of high-temperature steam, escaping from the nozzle of a Karcher steam cleaner or impregnating a napkin used for cleaning, guarantees the destruction of 99.99%* of bacteria located on various hard surfaces - floor coverings, tiles, mirrors, sanitary fittings, etc. This result is confirmed by special research conducted at the reputable Enders Laboratory (Stuttgart, Germany). Cleaning with a steam cleaner gives bacteria that are common in everyday life virtually no chance of survival.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness with steam cleaners - absolutely no chemicals, just water.
  • Eliminates 99.99%* of household bacteria on hard surfaces.
  • Better cleaning performance compared to traditional cleaning methods using detergents.
  • High steam temperature and strong vaporization.

How to wash: step-by-step instructions

The unit is very easy to operate, does not require any special skills , and is safe if the rules of use are followed. Cleaning a window panel with it, if prepared in advance, is a real pleasure.

So how does steam washing work?


Preparation takes up to half an hour, the main time is waiting for the water to heat up:

  1. Assemble the device as indicated in the instructions, fill the tank, tighten the cap, plug into the outlet and press ON. (heat).

  2. While the unit is heating up (up to 30 minutes), clear access - remove the carpet, indoor flowers, curtains.
  3. Prepare a well-absorbing rag or napkin, a rubber scraper or something convenient for final wiping (cloth, paper), and a basin where you can wring out the rag.


When the equipment gives a signal that the device is heated, you can start washing:

  1. Bring the nozzle to the surface at a distance of 20-30 cm, press steam. You can release the first portions of steam outside or into a basin; as a rule, they flow down in a trickle.
  2. Treat the surface with steam (spread several times over the entire area), immediately remove excess moisture with a scraper or cloth.
  3. Repeat the same with the frame and slopes.

In this case, there is no need to first apply glass cleaning liquid, rub, or hold the nozzle for a long time at especially dirty places - under the influence of hot steam, all dirt comes off quickly.

What cannot be treated with hot steam?

A steam cleaner is not a panacea for absolutely all surfaces and stains; there are exceptions:

  • varnished and polished surfaces - a mark may appear on them, like from the hot surface of a frying pan or pan;

  • stains with a protein base - the action of the device changes the structure of the stain, and it becomes impossible to remove;
  • waxed parquet – hot steam damages the coating;
  • some types of synthetics and soft plastic - they are deformed under the influence of high temperatures;
  • electrical appliances - the situation is especially dangerous when they are not disconnected from the power source;
  • jewelry - precious metals and stones are deformed and destroyed after steam treatment.

If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning only for a product, you cannot use a steam cleaner for it.

Features of choosing a household appliance for cleaning window surfaces

Before buying a steam generator for your home, it will be useful to find out what differences there are in the models, what is really important and what you have to pay for:

    Volume of the tank . A household appliance can have a tank capacity from 200 grams to one and a half liters.

Naturally, the smaller the boiler, the more often you will have to refuel it, which means wasting time on heating and cooling due to safety precautions;

  • Power and pressure . It depends on them how powerful the steam jet will be. It is believed that for everyday use, a pressure of 2.5 bar and a power of 1.5 kW are sufficient;
  • Equipment . It’s good when the kit includes various nozzles and brushes, a rubber scraper, and terry rags with an elastic band that are put on the brush.
  • Some options help calculate cleaning time and are useful in everyday life:

  • heating indicator indicating temperature;
  • liquid level sensor;
  • overheat protection - the device will turn off when it reaches a high temperature;
  • protection from children.

Top 3 models

KARCHER SC-2 - maneuverable, 1.2 liter tank, operates continuously for up to half an hour, has protection against burns, against children, and a heating sensor. Cost from 7.5 to 10.5 tr.

Euroflex Monster SC60S is a little heavy, but the tank is on wheels, can work continuously for up to one hour in the network and 5 minutes without the network, the tank is 1.2 liters, there is child protection. Cost 10 tr.

Kitfort KT -1003 – a model where the reservoir is located on the handle, quickly heats the water, and has many additional attachments. Cost about 4.8 to 7 tr.

The best hand models

Manual cleaners allow you to clean even the most difficult to reach places. Below are the best models of such devices.

Karcher SC 1 EASYFIX

The Karcher SC 1 EASYFIX steam cleaner is suitable for intermediate cleaning without the use of cleaning agents. The kit includes several attachments that can be used to reach hard-to-reach places.

Important! To increase safety, the Karcher SC 1 EASYFIX is equipped with a child safety lock.

Main characteristics of the device:

  • power – 1200 W;
  • weight – 1.58 kg;
  • volume of water poured – 200 ml;
  • maximum generated pressure – 3 bar;
  • presence of a safety valve;
  • heating time – 3 min.

This publication will tell you how to use a Karcher steam cleaner; this publication will tell you how to use a Tefal steam generator.

Grand master GM-VSC38

The power of the Grand master GM-VSC38 steam cleaner is 1050 W. Has a tank volume of 250 ml. The package includes several attachments and brushes that can be used to clean almost any surface. The device is not suitable only for materials that are particularly sensitive to moisture.

Kitfort KT-9Z0

This is a multifunctional device that can replace a disinfector and fabric steamer. At the same time, the device is convenient to use; no handling skills are required.

Attention! If excess pressure is created in the tank, a special safety valve will release excess steam.

Model characteristics:

  • power – 900 W;
  • heating time – 3 minutes;
  • water container capacity – 180 ml;
  • network cable length – 4.7 m;
  • The weight of the device is 2 kg.

Vitesse VS-330

The steam cleaner comes with a pin nozzle, a window nozzle, a cloth nozzle and a round brush. The power of the device is 1200 W. Maximum steam pressure – 3.5 bar.

Can work continuously for 12 minutes. The device is also equipped with a safety valve and overheat protection.

Karcher SC 1

Main characteristics of this Karcher device:

  • water tank volume – 200 ml;
  • continuous operation time – 6 minutes;
  • area productivity – 20 sq. cm.
  • heating time 3 min.

Important! Sold in two colors - yellow and black. Can be used to clean hard, moisture-resistant surfaces.

How to operate the device more conveniently and quickly?

  1. If the water is hard, with a lot of salts, you can use a softening pencil so that there are no streaks on the glass, or buy a special liquid.
  2. You can wash glass even in sub-zero temperatures, the main thing is to keep the nozzle a little further from the plastic or glass surface so that the steam has time to cool, and quickly remove the drops with a scraper or rag before they freeze.
  3. Before washing, it is better to spend a couple of minutes and roll up the curtains well, clear the window sill, cover the floor and prepare a basin where you can wring out the rag so as not to be distracted during the process.
  4. It’s good if the model has steam control, various nozzles, water level and temperature indicators, this makes cleaning easier.

Rules of operation and care

To obtain the desired result and preserve the structure of even the most delicate materials, it is worth arming yourself with a few tips.

  • Only purified water is suitable for the steam cleaner to prevent streaks on the fabric.
  • When steaming, the steam cleaner nozzle should be kept almost parallel to the fabric so as not to spoil the surface.
  • The steam power is adjusted according to the type of fabric being processed. It is important to choose the most gentle mode for items made of delicate materials.
  • When steam cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, you need to vacuum the surfaces before and after treatment. The product must first dry completely. After cleaning, you need to check it for moisture level. If necessary, leave to dry in a room with good air circulation.

How to use a steam generator to clean windows

With the arrival of warm summer days, housewives are faced with the question of keeping their windows clean. To wash it or not is not even considered, but with what and how is already a dilemma. I want to spend a minimum of time, effort and money on this. With the current variety of methods, it is difficult to choose the right one. The old-fashioned way with newspapers or with the help of special rags, using modern detergents or a newfangled steam generator for washing windows? The first two methods are well known to us, but it wouldn’t hurt to figure out the third.

Improved floor nozzle

The floor is a favorite place for children and animals to play, but bacteria and dirt also love it. Steam cleaners are an excellent solution for cleaning it. On hard floors such as natural stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or waxed parquet they provide perfect hygiene and cleanliness without any chemicals. The EasyFix nozzle with special lamellas guarantees the longest contact of steam with the surface being cleaned, which will ensure maximum effect. Excellent results: removal of 99.99% of household bacteria. Thus, Karcher steam cleaners are much more hygienic than ordinary mops. A steam cleaner can also easily refresh carpets.

What is a steam window cleaner?

In general, a steam cleaner for cleaning windows is a universal device. The principle of operation is similar to that of household irons: water is poured into a container, brought to a boil, forming an escaping air stream under pressure. Due to this, deep cleansing occurs (whereas with mechanical washing only superficial) from dirt, plaque and dust of tiles, plumbing fixtures, mirrors, and, naturally, the windows that interest us. The operating efficiency of these units is achieved by combining powerful air jets with high temperature conditions . With their help, maximum results are achieved and penetration into hard-to-reach places is ensured.

Operating principle

The operation of the device is ensured by the coordinated interaction between the steam boiler, compressor and heating element. Getting into the boiler, the water boils and turns into steam, which is blown out of the tube under pressure with a powerful jet heated to 130 degrees Celsius. Steam is released after pressing a special button on the steam cleaner.

Mode of application

Before you start cleaning the windows, you need to clean the frames. Excess moisture should be removed with a cloth or cloth. It is more convenient to wash glass in cool weather: the surface will not dry out as quickly and without the use of abrasive cleaning agents. The work process is carried out from the top point downwards, first the outer side, and then the inner . We turn on the device, wait until the water boils and steam begins to release, then wash it. Remove excess liquid with a scraper to avoid drips. The process is not labor-intensive; even a child can do it.

You can also use a multifunctional steam generator to clean windows. Its functional features are much broader: in addition to washing windows, sanitary equipment, mirror surfaces, steaming, ironing clothes, curtains, furniture, etc. are also available. with the special nozzle included in the kit.

The best 2 in 1 models

2 in 1 devices combine the functions of a steam cleaner and a mop. With the help of such devices, you can quickly clean your apartment or house without using household chemicals. The steam mop is suitable for cleaning tiles, parquet, linoleum, furniture, etc.

Xiaomi DEM ZQ600

This is a hand-held device that can be connected to an extension tube. Thanks to this, the steam generator turns into a steam mop.

It allows you to work at heights. It is also convenient for cleaning carpets and floors. This model includes brushes, sponges, a scraper and a floor nozzle.


  • power – 1600 W;
  • tank volume – 200 ml;
  • maximum pressure – 3 bar;
  • duration of continuous operation – 4 minutes;
  • heating time – 20 seconds.

Main advantages of Xiaomi DEM ZQ600:

  • removes old stains and deposits on tiles and plumbing well;
  • does not leave streaks;
  • High-quality assembly ensuring durability.

Pros and cons of the method

An analysis of its positive and negative aspects will help you decide whether it is worth purchasing this device to wash the windows in your home.

Pros of steam window cleaners:

  • can be used at any time of the year, avoiding precipitation;
  • steam not only cleans, but also disinfects the surface, killing harmful microbes, which is an important factor for allergy sufferers;
  • does not require the addition of chemical detergents;
  • autonomous operation mode.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • most models are quite heavy;
  • there are no buttons for regulating the steam supply intensity;
  • you can get burned by hot steam (if there are kids in the family who have every chance of getting to a working device, then it is advisable to buy a model with burn protection);
  • For some models, the battery life stage is very short.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this modern device is that it is easy and convenient to use. Not only a young housewife, but also any teenager can handle the process of washing a glass surface using a steam cleaner. In addition, you can use the device at any time of the year.

It is worth noting that the steam apparatus copes with its task perfectly. Thanks to this treatment, the windows become perfectly clean. There are no streaks, stains or lint left, as often happens after washing with a regular rag. Moreover, due to hot steam, the surface is not only cleaned, but also disinfected. Thanks to this, no harmful organisms or bacteria remain on it. Such a device is simply necessary in a home where there are small children and adults with allergies.

A steam cleaner will easily remove dust and dirt from glass surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of an allergic reaction in residents.

In addition, using this device, you can save on special detergents. Here they are completely unnecessary; ordinary clean water is enough.

If we talk about shortcomings, then, of course, there are some. One of the disadvantages of some modern devices is their weight. Some models are very bulky and heavy, which makes cleaning window glass difficult. In addition, not all options have such an additional function as adjusting the steam power.

Another disadvantage is that if used carelessly, you can be seriously burned by hot steam. Therefore, children should not be allowed near the unit during cleaning.

How to choose a device

To choose the optimally convenient, effective steam generator for washing windows, before purchasing you need to study in detail the offers on the market and evaluate the quality characteristics. Main selection criteria:

  • the effective steam supply power number should be from 700 to 1300 watts;
  • container size – varies from 200 to 1500 ml, the speed of heating the water directly depends on the volume of the tank (the larger the capacity, the longer the heating, the average boiling time is 5-7 minutes);
  • the material from which the water tank is made: plastic, metal (steel or aluminum is preferable, it prevents the formation of scale);
  • method of steam generation - direct-flow or intra-boiler;
  • The pressure level for portable steam cleaners to function properly should be approximately 3 bar;
  • complete set: a funnel, a measuring cup for pouring liquid, and a variety of napkins.

Of course, washing the windows of your apartment is a necessity, because with dirty glass, the loss of light penetration is 30-40%, which can have a detrimental effect on our health. And what to wash it with is your choice.


Cordless wiper

To properly clean the glass, it is not enough to wash off the dirt from the outside and inside of the window. It is necessary to remove all water so that there are no smudges or streaks left on the glass. The desired result can be achieved with the help of water cleaner (window cleaning slick) and an absorbent microfiber cloth. Everything will work out when you get the hang of it and learn to confidently move the slide from top to bottom, from side to side or in figure eights (this is aerobatics) without jerking or stopping.

But Vodosgon does not forgive awkward movements that many beginners make. Marks will inevitably remain on the glass if you think for a second, loosen the pressure, suddenly change the angle of inclination, or tear the scraper away from the surface being cleaned. In this case, you will have to eliminate the “defect” with a napkin or re-wet the sash and drive off the water.

If you don’t want to waste time on training and eliminating errors, use a battery-powered windshield wiper (water cleaner + water pump). The compact device instantly absorbs all the water from the surface, leaving no marks or streaks on the glass.

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Benefits of a windshield wiper

+Easy to use

You can change the angle and suddenly stop your hand in the middle of the “path”. The result will still be flawless.

+Less actions – higher speed

You don’t have to remove smudges with a napkin and wipe off the water that has been driven down from the windowsill. All liquid goes into the built-in reservoir (volume 100-125 ml).


A windshield wiper is a compact device that weighs no more than a hair dryer.


Some devices include a telescopic attachment. With its help, you can easily remove water from the outside and inside of the transom, standing confidently on the floor (and not on the windowsill).

+Window cleaning inside and out

Some windshield wipers are equipped with spray bottles with cleaning attachments (microfiber cloths), which are designed to distribute the cleaning solution and remove contaminants. Others spray the product themselves, which is poured into a built-in reservoir.

+ Versatility

Using a glass cleaner, you can wash not only windows, but also mirrors, tiles, induction hobs and other smooth surfaces.

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Disadvantages of a windshield wiper

—Expensive consumables

The elastic band for removing water gradually wears out and if there is damage (irregularities), it begins to leave streaks. The rate of wear depends not only on the frequency, but also on the conditions of use. If you rub off dried-on dirt with an eraser, the material will quickly undergo abrasive deformation and become unusable. Replacing the rubber band will cost you 850-900 rubles. A replacement nozzle for a windshield wiper costs about 1,700 - 1,800 rubles.

Don’t forget about the battery, which will lose capacity over time (even with infrequent use) and will discharge faster. The cost of an additional battery is about 2000-2500 rubles.

— Risk of falling

If you do not attach the windshield wiper to the telescopic attachment securely enough, there is a 50-60% chance that it will fall. The device will probably survive a drop from a height of 30-50 cm. But after a flight from a height of 3-12 floors, only small debris will remain from the household assistant. The consequences can be much more serious if a kilogram unit falls on a person passing by or on a parked car.

Important nuances

► Characteristics: when choosing, pay attention to the duration of battery life (from 20 minutes to 2 hours) and recharging (about 2 hours), the volume of the tank for collecting dirty water, the weight of the device, the width of the suction nozzles and the length of the telescopic handle.

► Equipment: telescopic rod, spray bottle, napkins, suction nozzles (wide and narrow). All accessories can be purchased separately.

► Cost: from 2,500 to 10,000 rubles.

► Popular models: VAX H86-WV-BR (Spray & Vac) - with built-in sprayer, Karcher WV2 - with sprayer.

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Is it possible to wash windows with a clothes steamer: use the equipment correctly

Many housewives doubt whether it is possible to wash window glass with a steamer. But those who use this useful device unanimously declare that it is possible to wash windows with a steamer, and much easier than with conventional detergents. Let's figure out how to wash window glass clean and whether you need to buy a special steam cleaner or you can get by with a clothes care device.

Is it possible to steam clothes with a steam cleaner?

There are a huge number of fabrics that cannot be washed, as they will lose their appearance when washed. The main fabrics are:

  • delicate, which can stretch after washing;
  • fabrics that can shrink after washing at any temperature;
  • fur, which is undesirable to expose to moisture;
  • colored, which may fade after washing.

Therefore, for clothes made from these materials, it is best to use a steam cleaner. The device will not damage clothes, and they will remain in the same form as before steaming.

Attention! The advantage of this device is that it can easily rid an item of stubborn stains that cannot be removed by washing.

How does a steamer work?

The principle of operation of a household steamer resembles an ordinary iron with a steam generator. A small amount of water is placed in a special container, which is heated to a boil using an electric heating element. The jet of generated steam is sent forward in a powerful stream from the bell of the device, destroying any dirt and helping to easily remove dirt from the glass.

To ensure that the device lasts a long time, use only distilled or softened water for refilling. When heated, calcium salts contained in hard water become insoluble, forming scale. A crust of insoluble scale deposits can damage the heating element even within 1 year.

A distinction is made between steamers designed for clothing and steam cleaners for cleaning. Although the operating principle of these household appliances is similar, there are many fundamental differences: different operating pressure, hose length, steam humidity. Additionally, cleaning steam cleaners usually have a more varied range of attachments.

Automatic cleaning

Many steamer models are equipped with a special self-cleaning function. For example:

  1. "Philips". The steamer of this brand is cleaned once every three weeks. The process takes place using distilled water. It is poured into a special compartment, and the self-cleaning function turns on itself when it’s time to remove plaque.
  2. "Bosch". The steamer from this company has mechanical self-cleaning. When a sufficient amount of scale has accumulated on the device, the option is activated automatically.
  3. "Tefal". The steamer of this company has a self-cleaning function, which is carried out once a month. The process uses the same technology as the Philips model. Liquid is poured into the reservoir, and the device is cleaned at a certain time.

Is there a need to purchase a special unit for washing windows?

Many people doubt whether they need to buy a separate machine for each task or whether they can wash windows with a clothing steam generator. This question can be answered this way: there is no fundamental difference between the models that would prevent them from being used for an undeclared case. However, the length of the steamer hose is often shorter than that of a steam cleaner for cleaning, because for their intended purpose they only need to reach clothes on hangers.

The steam pressure of a clothing steamer is less than that of a professional cleaning steam cleaner. The range of attachments is also usually small. This reduces the effectiveness of window cleaning, although it does not make it impossible.

If you do not clean professionally, you can get by with one unit for different household tasks. The main thing is that it meets several requirements:

  • power – from 0.7 to 1.3 kW;
  • tank volume – from 0.2 to 1.5 l (there is no point in buying a container of a larger volume: 1–1.5 l is enough for work, and a larger volume will only increase the weight of the device and the boiling time of water);
  • pressure level is about 3 bar.

It is also desirable that the device includes a measuring cup for determining the volume of water, a funnel for pouring, nozzles for steam supply and napkins for cleaning.

Is it possible to descale a steam steamer yourself?

The steamer belongs to the category of simple household appliances. This device consists of a steam generator, a hose, a water tank and a clothing attachment.

Conventionally, clothing steamers are divided into professional and manual. They differ from each other in the type of heating element, as well as the type of generation and supply of steam.

There are two main categories based on these characteristics:

  • gravity, where water is supplied to the generator continuously;
  • pump type, where liquid is supplied in portions through a pump.

In addition, the difference between them lies in the ability to remove limescale at home. A gravity steamer works on the principle of an electric kettle. It heats the entire volume of water in the tank, converting it into steam. The liquid inside the container is constantly present, which leads to scale deposits on its walls. Gravity-flow models are more susceptible to plaque formation, but they are easier to clean, since the tank of such steamers is removable.

You cannot clean pump steamers yourself.

Models with a pump mechanism, unfortunately, cannot be cleaned of limescale on your own . Their design is more complex than gravity-fed ones, and scale forms not only on the walls of the water tank, but also around the heating element. Pump models belong to the new generation of steamers, where there are almost no removable elements, so it is better to entrust their cleaning to a professional.

How to properly wash windows?

The process of cleaning glass with a steamer is simple: just spray a stream of steam on the glass, and then wipe off the excess liquid with a scraper. Steam not only cleans the surface of the glass from dirt, but also ensures disinfection of surfaces. In addition, if the technology is followed, there are no threads, lint, or streaks left on the glass.

A powerful jet of steam can cause severe burns if it gets into the skin or eyes. Follow safety rules when working! Particular care must be taken when handling the steamer if there are small children or pets in the house.

To prevent the window from being damaged by steam, certain precautions must be taken. Do not bring the bell too close to the glass or press hard on the hot glass with a scraper. Also avoid exposing areas with glass defects (scratches, cracks, etc.) to hot steam.

Brief exposure to steam on frames made from quality materials usually does not cause problems. But if you do, there may be troubles: the plastic turns yellow, the rubber seals crumble. Before starting work, try steaming a small area in an inconspicuous place.

Despite the ease of use of the steamer, there are certain subtleties in this matter:

  • It is better to wash windows not in the heat, but in cloudy, cool (but not rainy!) weather. In the heat, moisture evaporates from the glass too quickly - you will have to make several passes to achieve perfect cleanliness.
  • The order of work is as follows: from the top of the windows to the bottom, from the outside to the inside. Cleaning begins by cleaning the frames so that dirt does not flow from them onto the glass.
  • Despite the temptation to speed up cleaning by pouring hot water into the appliance’s reservoir, you should not do this! This may damage the device.

By following these simple tips, you can easily and quickly clean your glass of dust and dirty stains.

Purpose of the device and advantages

A powerful jet of steam effectively cleans any contaminated surfaces. Replaceable nozzles make it easier to wash the floor, clean glass, tiles, hobs, etc. Hot steam is destructive to germs, so a steam cleaner is often used to disinfect things and premises. It also makes it easier to smooth out wrinkled fabrics. The steam jet quickly copes with ironing items by weight, ideally smoothing out folds and deep creases, giving the fabric a neat appearance.

The device is especially convenient for curtains, the wide panels of which should preferably be ironed vertically. The tedious ironing of many meters of fabric becomes a simplified task. Washed fabric of any density and quality can be easily treated with steam. At the same time, you don’t have to be afraid of burning it, as sometimes happens with traditional ironing.

With a steam cleaner you can tidy up any item in your wardrobe. It will delicately steam any fabrics and even outerwear. Steam is convenient for cleaning faux and natural fur coats, cashmere and wool coats, down jackets, sheepskin coats, and hats. Steam penetrates the fibers of the material without damaging it, leveling their structure. In this case, the products do not deform and retain their shape. In addition, they are effectively cleaned and disinfected. To prevent moths from appearing on warm natural fabrics, a steam cleaner is an indispensable device.

There are a number of fabrics that require steam cleaning rather than traditional washing. It can be done at home with a compact device. This ensures that the material is not exposed to harmful chemicals. In addition, you will not have to waste time transporting things to a specialized laundry. Products that are best cleaned with steam include:

  • furs that cannot tolerate moisture;
  • dresses and blouses made of delicate fabrics that are prone to deformation;
  • items that shrink during normal washing;
  • garments painted with unstable dyes that fade when in contact with water.

The device not only refreshes things without harming them, but is also indispensable for serious contamination. Almost any stain on the fabric “capitulates” under the influence of a scalding hot jet.

Advantages of a steam cleaner:

  • copes with dust and stains of various origins;
  • disinfects things, ridding them of germs and dust mites;
  • cleans furs, preventing the appearance of moths;
  • degreases surfaces;
  • cleans without auxiliary products.

A steam cleaner makes it easier to care for wardrobe items that are difficult to properly iron. For example, behind suits, which should be cleaned in a vertical plane. For a standard iron, this task is impossible. The steam cleaner can also handle home cleaning. A powerful steam jet easily removes all kinds of dirt. The presence of various attachments turns the device into a universal device, with which washing floors and glass, cleaning tiles and textiles is faster and easier. Thus, it replaces not only an iron, but also a mop, and allows you to save on the purchase of buckets, mops, sprinklers, rags and stain removers.

For the home, a compact steam cleaner is a real find. After all, you can use it to clean not only things and furniture, but also toys and children’s accessories with fabric elements. Mattresses, playpens, hammocks, sun loungers, slings - all this needs periodic disinfection and cleaning from dust and stains. Steam is the most environmentally friendly way to cope with this task.

What else can a steamer do?

Using a clothes steamer, you can not only clean window glass from dirt, but also wash the stove and microwave. It is also useful when cleaning the bathroom and restroom: the steamer will remove dirt from tiles, plumbing fixtures, pipes and heating radiators. It is also indispensable in caring for furniture. A household steamer is a multifunctional tool that can become a useful assistant for any housewife.

Thus, it is quite possible to clean the windows until they shine using a clothes steamer. Of course, you will need more passes than using a professional steam cleaner, but the difference is not so critical that you need to buy a separate device.


In what cases is it used?

The device is suitable for processing almost all surfaces. It allows you to save on household chemicals and disinfectants. You can’t do without it if the housewife intends to keep the house squeaky clean and is ready for systematic, thorough cleaning.

Situations in which you cannot cope without a device:

  • cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and toilet;
  • disinfection of surfaces in the nursery and elimination of pathogenic microbes;
  • ironing large laundry (for example, duvet covers, sheets) and items that are contraindicated in contact with the surface of the iron;
  • cleaning the car interior or upholstered furniture.

The steam cleaner handles delicate tasks with ease. For example, processing capricious suede or a fragile crystal chandelier.

Automatic Vacuum Robot Washer

A vacuum robot cleaner will do all the work of washing windows with virtually no input from you. All you have to do is fill the built-in reservoir with water, apply detergent to the napkins (some models spray the solution from the built-in reservoir), place the device on the glass and turn on the automatic cleaning mode. During the process, you will have to change the napkins included in the kit 2-3 times.

The washer is securely held on a vertical surface due to vacuum discharge, which is created by the rotating elements of the electric pump. Movement is carried out using tracks or wheels. In the event of a power outage, a backup battery is provided that can provide power to the motor for at least another 1 hour. If the battery runs out, the unit will hang on the safety rope.

Many robots are only capable of washing large and standard windows with frames, which are detected by obstacle sensors as the boundaries of the treated area. For washing frameless structures, models with special sensors are suitable that detect the pressure level and transmit a signal to the processor when it is absent (behind the edge of the glass).

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Advantages of robotic cleaners

+ Thorough cleaning of the entire glass area

The robot moves along the surface in all directions in accordance with the selected trajectory. First, the unit cleans the perimeter and at the same time determines the boundaries of the window structure. The washer then moves across the entire surface in a spiral, chaotic or zigzag pattern.

+2 operating modes

First, the robot dry cleans the glass using rotating discs with cloths attached to them. Then the window is washed with a napkin, which is moistened with a special or any detergent for cleaning glass (must be purchased separately, sometimes included in the kit).

+Sound alert

If any problems arise (decrease in pressure level or battery charge, power outage), the robot gives appropriate sound signals.

+Convenient control

The washer can be controlled using buttons on the body, remote control or mobile application (connection via Bluetooth).


The robot is able to wash any smooth surface - a wall with tiles, a mirror or a shower stall (some models can even wash floors).

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Disadvantages of robot washers

—Poor cleaning quality in corners

Robots with square mops clean the perimeter much better than models with round mops. But both types of washers are not very good at cleaning corners. Units with square mops clean corner areas with confidence, while devices with round discs “ignore” these areas.

—The robot needs an assistant

The washer does almost all the work of washing windows himself, but does not relieve the user 100% of the hassle. During the process, it is necessary to wash and change the mops several times so that the device does not smear the collected dirt on the glass. Mops need to be sprayed with detergent (or poured into a reservoir). After cleaning is completed, there will be minor “defects” on the glass (stains at the final stop, unwashed corners, etc.), which will have to be removed manually using an absorbent cloth. And by the way: any robot will flatly refuse to clean narrow doors.

—It is better to clean dry dirt yourself

If, in the dry cleaning mode, a dry abrasive contaminant (for example, a grain of sand) gets on the mop, the rotating disk will “polish” the glazing with it a huge number of times. In this case, either streaks or scratches will appear in the area that is not cleaned. We recommend cleaning the window from adhering dirt yourself by running the robot on smooth and dry glass.

—The robot can be “dumb”

Expensive models costing 40,000 - 50,000 rubles in most cases work flawlessly and do not stop “thoughtful” during operation. But more “budget” models can sometimes become “dull” and interrupt window cleaning at the most interesting point.

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—The cable does not always save you from damage

If the power goes out and the battery runs out, the vacuum robot will fall. The cable will not allow the device to fly too far (low), but the unit will still cover a certain distance. When the length of the insurance ends, the robot is unlikely to immediately hang motionless. The device will sway from side to side for some time, risking hitting nearby surfaces (for example, a wall, tree or lower window).

Important nuances

► Features: Pay attention to the cleaning speed of 1 sq. meters of glazing, method of wetting napkins with detergent (from the built-in reservoir or from a spray bottle), duration of operation in autonomous mode (15-30 minutes), noise level, body shape (oval or square/rectangular), minimum glass thickness (from 3 mm).

► Contents: extension cord, microfiber cloths, remote control, instructions, safety rope with carabiner, cleaning agent.

► Cost: from 9,000 to 50,000 rubles.

► Popular models: Hobot (188, 198, 288, 298, 388), Bist Win A100.

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What's the result?

Each device from our selection helps reduce the time required to clean windows and greatly simplifies the process. The amount of effort expended is inversely proportional to the cost of the device. The most expensive robotic washers free the user from the work of cleaning glass by 70-90%, while more “budget” windshield wipers and steam generators function only in tandem with a person.

In the next articles in our “Goodbye, Divorces” series, we will talk about modern window cleaning equipment and reveal several secrets of professional window cleaners. Do not miss

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