How to choose the best floor cleaner?

Place Name Characteristics in the rating
Top 10 floor cleaning products
1EasyWorkThe best offer
2BissellBest cleaning properties
3our motherNatural composition and antimicrobial properties
4Thomas ProFloorExcellent quality and economical consumption
5Bagi OranitHighly effective concentrated product
6Sanfor 5 in 1The most popular remedy
7Pronto 5 in 1The best option for wooden floors
8Emsal ParquetIdeal for parquet
9EcoverConcentrated product with natural oils
10Pro-Brite Blue concentrateAn effective professional product

In stores you can find cleaning products for a variety of types of floor coverings. There are compositions designed for laminate, parquet, tiles, linoleum and universal ones that are suitable for various materials. High-quality floor products help to quickly deal with any dirt and do not leave streaks. According to users, the best option is concentrates, which are used sparingly and do not require rinsing. Since the range of such products is very large, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the best of them.

The best universal floor cleaners

"Synergetic". Of course, the main advantage of this innovative disinfectant concentrate is its absolute safety, which is confirmed by environmental certificates. The Russian developer sees its mission in the production of household biochemicals for families with children. Therefore, thanks to the composition, all products produced by the company are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly to use.

“Mr. Proper Lemon” is the #2 leader in all surveys. First of all, consumers note that this is a universal and effective product. According to housewives, Mr. Proper copes well with medium-level pollution.

“Glorix 3 in 1” practically does not lag behind its competitor in terms of the number of votes cast for it. Long-acting gel shampoo will not only remove dirt, but also scent the room. In addition, the manufacturer’s line includes anti-allergenic compounds that can be used even in families with small children.

“Stork” is recommended by 90% of consumers. First of all, its versatility and high performance combined with an affordable price are noted - about 70 rubles per liter.

Nika-Cleantech received 95% positive feedback. Refers to professional cleaning products. Available only in 1 and 5 liter packaging. The concentrate is capable of removing absolutely all types of contaminants: from tar and soot to fatty deposits.

Vinegar and lemon

Vinegar is one of the most famous folk remedies for cleaning floors. It is believed to kill a significant number of bacteria and at the same time add shine to the surface. However, the smell of the bite itself is not very pleasant, and although many say that it quickly evaporates from the surface, the light vinegar “aftertaste” continues to hover in the air for quite a long time. To remove such inconveniences, you can make an infusion of vinegar and a few lemons, and then add it to a bucket of water. As a rule, half a glass is enough for a whole bucket. This vinegar infusion can be combined with soap if your floor is very dirty, or you can simply wipe the floor with it separately: this option is suitable for refreshing the floors. The shine, of course, is not mirror-like, but quite noticeable.

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