Rating of the TOP 10 Bosch dryers of 2021. Comparison, characteristics, pros and cons

To dry spotlessly clean clothes after washing, you no longer need to waste time hanging them on the balcony, because all you need to do is purchase a drying machine.

The functional device allows you to quickly dry any fabric without much effort, which is especially important for busy people.

One of the most popular manufacturers of drying machines is the German company Bosch , which has earned the trust of its customers with high-quality and reliable household appliances.

Rating of the TOP 10 best Bosch dryers

#1Bosch WTM83260OE
#2Bosch WTY87781OE
#3Bosch WTW85469OE
#4Bosch WTX87KH1OE
#5Bosch WTH83001OE
#6Bosch WTR85V20OE
#7Bosch WTG86400OE
#8Bosch WTG86401OE
#9Bosch WTW876H0OE
#10Bosch WTM83261OE

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Features of Bosch dryers

Bosch dryers differ from devices developed by competing companies by an impressive range of useful options, a stylish and ergonomic design, as well as an affordable price that attracts users.

Keep in mind! The devices presented by the German company stand out among a wide range of products by having the following features:

  • effective drying of linen, outerwear and bedding;
  • refreshing clothes using steam;
  • automatic condenser cleaning system;
  • temperature adjustment depending on the type of fabric;
  • inability to dry the fabric;
  • unique drum structure;
  • intuitive interface;
  • long service life.

Bosch washing machine markings: how to decipher

Today every consumer is able to decipher any model of a unit for washing clothes from Bosch, since such a machine is considered the most popular in Russia. Often, the product in the store and the model you read about on the Internet may differ in index signs, and the fastidious consumer immediately wonders whether he found the right washing machine. To find out for sure, there is a marking for Bosch washing machines, the meaning of which you should be able to decipher.

Countries where assembly takes place

First, we will have to learn to decipher the markings regarding the designation of the country that assembles the Bosch brand washing device. It is possible to find out where the unit was assembled using the letter index, which is located at the end of the marking of each model:

  • OE - these symbols indicate that the car was assembled in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine;
  • EE – this index confirms the Spanish assembly;
  • BY - such a machine for washing clothes was produced in Eastern Europe;
  • GB – the machine was assembled in the UK;
  • EU – this index marks a car manufactured in European territory.

You should know what the index prefix marking means, but you need to understand that not every designation has a similar prefix. In addition, using the index it is not always possible to accurately name the country of origin. For this purpose, Bosch washing machines use a three-digit letter coding located at the very beginning of the marking. Let's look at a few examples:

  • WAS or WLX - this is the designation for the German assembly;
  • WAE – this code denotes machines that were assembled in Poland or Turkey. The exception is the WAE28441 model, assembled in Germany;
  • WLF - most often this marking is used for German equipment, but when the numerical designation ends with 4 or 5, then you have a Chinese model;
  • WAA - designation used for Turkish models;
  • WOT - French washing machines;
  • WOR – equipment assembled in Poland;
  • WFX is an outdated version of the designation, giving out the Polish version;
  • WLM is equipment assembled by craftsmen from China.

General explanation of the markings of various models

It is believed that by deciphering the markings you can learn much more about a washing machine than the name of the country in which it was produced. If you accurately decipher the markings, you can find out the main technical parameters of the machine without studying the manual for its operation. You can start with a designation indicating which series the washing equipment you have chosen belongs to. Let us immediately clarify that Bosch today produces a number of lines of devices for washing clothes:

  • 4 MAXX;
  • 8 LOGIXX, etc.

There are serial lines, indicated by letter symbols, which we are trying to focus your attention on:

  • WAE – this coding is used to mark the standard version of the SMA MAXX 6, equipped with a display or not;
  • WLX - this is the encoding used by the manufacturer to designate the MAXX 5 washing machine, which is distinguished by a narrow body and display (sometimes it is missing);
  • WFR - a three-digit letter designation indicates that this is a full-sized washing machine from Bosch MAXX COMFORT, which has front loading and a good display;
  • WAA - as soon as we see such a code, we should understand that this is a CLASSIXX 5 washing machine with a built-in display;
  • WFX – standard version of MAXX ADVANTAGE;
  • WOT or WOR using this coding mark washing machines that have a vertical method of loading dirty laundry;
  • WFCX - this four-digit encoding is quite rare, and it is this that indicates that this is a MAXX ADVANTAGE machine, which has a non-standard narrow body and display.

A sufficient number of examples have already been given, but there is still no full disclosure of the marking. Perhaps, let’s stop giving examples and let’s start decrypting in practice. For clarity, let’s look at an example of a laundry washing machine with the BOSCH WLT 20271 OE code.

In marking designations, the first letter is always repeated. On any car this sign is “W”. What does it mean? Yes, everything is simple, because this is the letter used to designate a washing machine. The second letter is affected by the type of unit. We use L, but they can also be used:

  • O – device for washing clothes with a vertical loading option;
  • A – the depth of the body of such a machine is sixty centimeters, the loading type is horizontal;
  • K – a washing machine with this designation option has a drying function;
  • L – the machine is loaded horizontally, the body is narrow, equal to forty-five centimeters;
  • I – built-in model, loaded horizontally.

The marking letter on the Bosch CMA, located third in a row, indicates the series series to which a specific unit for washing clothes belongs. To make everything clear, let's look at a specific example. In this case, the following letters can be used:

  • K or T - they determine that the car belongs to series 6;
  • G and H – belonging to the 4th series;
  • S, W – the device for washing clothes belongs to the 8th series series;
  • Y – the machine should be classified as part of the HOME PROFESSIONAL series.

Let's continue to decipher the markings of equipment for washing clothes. The third letter is followed by the number “20”, indicating the maximum speed of the unit during spinning. There may be several options here:

  • “20” – up to 1,000 revolutions in one minute;
  • «24» – 1 200;
  • «28» – 1 400;
  • «32» – 1 600;
  • «36» – 1 800;
  • «40» – 2 000.

The next pair of numbers indicates the control option for the washing machine from Bosch. In this case, we see the numbers “27”, which indicate the possibility of electronic control. In addition, there is also a mechanical control option, but it is practically never found nowadays, as it is not in demand.

The final number indicates the design of the washing machine. For our case, “1” is used, which denotes the classic version of the unit. Note that such a designation can be found in each marking.

The last couple of characters, as everyone already understands, are considered to be the letter index, which is used to determine the country of origin of the device for washing clothes. For this case, the letters OE were used, indicating that the model was assembled in Russia.


When you visit a store to purchase a new washing machine from Bosch, you will try to find a version assembled in Germany or another European country, because the build quality of such a device will be much higher. Having fully understood the rules for labeling such equipment, you can easily distinguish products from Russia and China, which sellers will strongly recommend to you. By reading the labels correctly, you will get all the information you need and make the right choice.

What to look for when choosing?

For your information! When choosing a dryer, experts recommend that potential buyers pay attention to such parameters as:

  • power. The optimal indicator is 1.5-2.4 kW, which is quite enough for a family of 5 people. In stores you can also find drying equipment with a power of 4 kW, but the wiring may not withstand such loads;
  • drum volume. The best option would be a device with a drum volume of at least 100 liters, since for high-quality drying, the loaded clothes must move freely inside;
  • number of modes. The manufacturer provides the opportunity to choose a device with any set of options depending on your own preferences. If you need to wash a large number of clothes from different fabrics, you should take a closer look at devices with 15-17 programs;
  • energy efficiency class. Ideally, a home dryer should be class A++, the lowest level of energy consumption. Models belonging to class B would also be a good solution;
  • safety. If there are small children in the family, you should choose a model equipped with a locking system that will not allow the child to open the door and change the progress of the mode.

Bosch washing machine markings: how to decipher

W AE 24460 OE W-washing machine

WAE 24460 A=Front loading L=40 cm B=WorldWasher O=Vertical load. V=Dryer auto. I=Integr. device K=Integr. wash-dry device E=Full with hinged door

WA E 24460 Class: S=F20 E=FV A=FX X=SV V=P20 T=PV R=PX D=WV C=WX B=WW68

WAE 24 460 Spin rpm: 12=600 16=800 20=1000 24=1200 28=1400 32=1600 36=1800 40=2000

WAE 24 4 60 Display: 1=None 3=Digital 5=Multifunction/symbol. 7=Text 9=Interactive.

WAE 244 6 0 Other features 0= 1= connect. hot water 3=not built-in, AquaStop 4=built-in, AquaStop 5=not built-in 6=MW* 7=Promotional

Rating of popular models

In order not to make a mistake in choosing and purchase the best model for your home, you need to consider the rating of popular devices from Bosch, study their technical characteristics, features, advantages and disadvantages.

The following is a list of models created based on customer reviews and ratings.


Bosch WTM83260OE

A functional drying machine with a classic design that can handle any fabric..

Ergonomic device WTM83260OE, capable of processing up to 8 kg of laundry to the desired stage of dryness in a short period of time.

You can dry clothes using air condensation without using water.

And if it is necessary to dry sneakers or a woolen sweater, the owner will only have to secure the items in a special basket.

Safe operation will be ensured by the locking function.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 2800 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 8 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – B.


  • clear electronic controls;
  • silent operation;
  • delayed start function;
  • reliable protection from children;
  • bright interior lighting.


  • the need to control the water level in the tank;
  • dimensions;
  • the cost is slightly higher than analogues.


Bosch WTY87781OE

A unique dryer with an automatic condenser cleaning function for comfortable operation.

Model WTY87781OE features a new SoftDry drum design that ensures constant temperature and continuous air flow.

Wave-shaped grips create a powerful circulation of warm air inside and distribute it evenly, thanks to which the laundry dries instantly.

Sensor technology prevents overheating and drying out.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 1000 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 9 kg;
  • number of modes – 14;
  • energy efficiency class – A++.


  • fluff filter full indication;
  • sound signal for the end of the process;
  • digital display;
  • possibility of installation in a column;
  • long network cable.


  • poor equipment;
  • long work process;
  • low power.


Bosch WTW85469OE

An attractive model with an optimal set of programs, designed for gentle drying of laundry.

Modern device WTW85469OE with a special design of side walls and increased rigidity of the case, which reduces vibration during operation.

The device does not require regular cleaning of the condenser, since cleaning occurs automatically.

The package additionally includes a basket for drying woolen items, which can also be used for drying sports shoes.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 1000 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 9 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – A++.


  • prevention of creasing;
  • interior lighting;
  • humidity control;
  • presence of delayed start;
  • basket for drying wool included.


  • noise during operation;
  • difficulties in choosing programs;
  • long process of work.


Bosch WTW85561OE

An electrical appliance equipped with a heat pump that can become an indispensable assistant for every housewife.

The WTW85561OE is a premium dryer that dries clothes without creases and effectively removes unpleasant odors.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with a special program for colored fabrics and microfiber with a special temperature regime from cold water to 40 degrees, reduced drum rotation speed and short spin.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 1000 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 9 kg;
  • number of modes – 10;
  • energy efficiency class – A++.


  • delicate drying system;
  • easy controls;
  • accelerated operation function;
  • self-cleaning condenser;
  • silent operation.


  • easily soiled body;
  • power only 1000 W;
  • clothes take a long time to dry.


Bosch WTH83000OE

A model with a high energy efficiency class that will save the user from unnecessary hassle.

Circulation device WTH83000OE with a multi-thread drying system for high-quality care of your favorite clothes.

The device is equipped with special programs that make it easy to start operating the device.

There is also a touch panel with which you can select additional functions for comfortable use.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 600 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 8 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – A+.


  • digital display with backlight;
  • child safety lock;
  • fluff filter;
  • condensate collection;
  • reverse rotation of the drum.


  • opaque door;
  • low power;
  • noise during operation.


Bosch WTR85V20OE

A classic model, characterized by silent operation and intelligent drying of clothes.

The WTR85V20OE features improved thermal insulation for reduced noise levels, an AutoDry tumble dryer and a gentle drying system.

During operation, sensors measure humidity and temperature, protecting laundry from excessively high temperatures, shrinkage and overdrying.

The degree of residual humidity is controlled by sensors.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 600 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 8 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – A++.


  • setting the program duration;
  • fluff filter full indication;
  • stainless steel tank;
  • digital display;
  • long network cable.


  • loud sound signal for the end of work;
  • specific smell from plastic parts;
  • power.


Bosch WTG86400OE

An automatic assistant with a condensation drying system, which will be a useful acquisition for the home.

Powerful dryer WTG86400OE with a multi-thread system and an optimal number of work programs.

The device is equipped with a display, delay start timer and drum illumination.

The door of the device is transparent, so the user can monitor the process of drying clothes.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 2800 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 9 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – B.


  • possibility of temperature reduction;
  • anti-vibration strips on the body;
  • easy ironing function;
  • protective filter for capacitor;
  • control of laundry humidity level.


  • plastic tank;
  • loud work;
  • equipment.


Bosch WTG86401OE

Capacious drying machine for delicate care of clothes.

Model WTG86401OE with the function of accelerated drying of clothes, the ability to control temperature and humidity level.

The package includes a basket for drying woolen items, installed in the drum.

With its help, you can quickly dry your favorite item, forgetting about the pellets.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 2800 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 9 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – B.


  • LED indication;
  • delayed start by 24 hours;
  • prevention of creasing;
  • electromagnetic lock;
  • basket for drying wool included in the set.


  • dimensions;
  • rapid contamination of the housing;
  • noise during operation.


Bosch WTW876H0OE

Dryer with a heat pump and a clear way to select a program using the control panel.

Model WTW876H0OE with a wide selection of useful programs for ideal drying of any items.

The manufacturer equipped the device with bright internal lighting and a stainless steel drum, as well as a multifunctional LED display.

Loaded clothes are gently dried with warm air, remaining soft and without unnecessary wrinkles.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 1000 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 9 kg;
  • number of modes – 14;
  • energy efficiency class – A++.


  • condensate collection;
  • interior lighting;
  • sound signal for the end of drying;
  • drying wool in a basket;
  • long service life.


  • high price;
  • long work;
  • power.


Bosch WTM83261OE

Condensation dryer for comfortable and safe drying of various fabrics.

The WTM83261OE device with electronic control of all drying programs, selected options and humidity levels.

The device allows you to quickly and gently dry clothes without creasing thanks to the special structure of the drum surface, which reduces the impact on the fabric.

The device is equipped with a special program for microfiber and colored fabrics.


  • type of drying – condensation;
  • power – 2600 W;
  • drum volume – 112 l;
  • maximum load – 8 kg;
  • number of modes – 15;
  • energy efficiency class – B.


  • fluff filter;
  • reliable child lock;
  • gentle drying of things;
  • electronic control;
  • ease of use.


  • dimensions;
  • poor equipment;
  • noise during operation.

Decoding the markings of Bosch models

Typically, manufacturers encode information about the parameters of these devices in the labeling of various models. There are no general labeling standards; each manufacturer has its own way of presenting information.

The model name code includes alphabetic and numeric characters with information about the functional features of the device. In this way, manufacturers make it possible to find out how this particular refrigerator differs from other models.

Before deciphering what this or that designation means, you need to find the location of the encoding itself. You will find the alphanumeric combination on the service sticker (where can I find the nameplate?).

Let's look at the rules for labeling refrigerators produced under the Bosch brand

The first character indicates the type of household appliance:

K ” – refrigerator; the letter “ G ” in the first place in the marking means a household freezer.

The second symbol indicates the design features of the design:

  • A – hinged refrigerator with a side freezer (Side by Side);
  • D – refrigerator-freezer combination (freezer compartment on top);
  • G – refrigerator-freezer combination (freezer compartment at the bottom);
  • I – built-in model;
  • K – the presence of particularly thick insulation;
  • M – a device with three chambers, upper hinged doors and lower pull-out compartments (French Door);
  • S – single-door refrigerator (above 85 cm).
  • T – single-door refrigerator (under the countertop – below 85 cm).

The third letter carries information about technological equipment:

  • V – the refrigerator has one compressor;
  • S – two-compressor refrigerator;
  • E – single-compressor dual-circuit device with solenoid valve;
  • F – freshness zone (0 degrees) – Vitafresh;
  • X – Cool Vario;
  • W – wine library;
  • R – evaporator in the rear wall;
  • N – presence of the No Frost system.

In our case, the KGN refrigerator is a two-chamber refrigerator with a No Frost system, with a freezer compartment at the bottom.

The number in the 4th place in the marking means the width of the case: “ 3 ” – 60 cm; “ 4 ” – 70 cm; “ 5 ” – 90 cm.

5th – the number indicates the height of the refrigerator: “ 6 ” – 185 cm; “ 9 ” – 200 cm.

For our example, 3 and 9 means that the width of the refrigerator is 60 cm, the height is 200 cm.

The letters of the sixth position encrypt the functional equipment of the model.

  • N – denotes an economy class model;
  • V – basic set of updates (LOW FROST technology, vegetable drawer with humidity control, LED lighting);
  • X – modernized Value+ model with a set of Vario XL improvements;
  • A – Added Value – maximum equipment (Vario XL, LED lighting, door open alarm, AntiFingerPrint coating).

In the seventh position in the marking there is a symbol indicating the color of the model:

  • W – white;
  • K – beige;
  • L – stainless steel finish (Inox Look);
  • I – stainless steel (Inox) with a coating that does not leave fingerprints (Anti Finger Print).

For our example, X indicates the upgraded Vario XL model, K means the body color is beige.

The next position contains information about the energy consumption of the device. The number “ 1 ” indicates energy efficiency class A, “ 2 ” – A+; “ 3 ” – class A++ device efficiency.

Bosch KGN39XI32 – let’s look at it using an example. K – refrigerator. G – freezer below. N – presence of the No Frost system. 3 – refrigerator width 60 cm. 9 – height 200 cm. X – modernized Value+ model with a set of Vario XL improvements. I – stainless steel (Anti Finger Print). 3 – energy efficiency class A++.

The markings of early models are somewhat different from the decoding above. In particular, after the numeric characters conveying dimensions, there are the letters Z (electronic control), Y (mechanical), and color information is transmitted in numbers:

  • 00-39 - white;
  • 40-49 – Inox-Look for stainless steel;
  • 50-59 – colored;
  • 60-69 – silver metallic;
  • 80-89 – aluminum;
  • 90-99 – door and body made of stainless steel;

If we consider models such as KA58NP90, then the order of data is as follows: 1 - type of device, 2 - design, 3-4 - internal volume, 5 - technological equipment, 6 - design, 7-8 - design options.

Possible design options:

  • C – basic model;
  • N – economy class;
  • V – improved model;
  • A – comfort class;
  • P – premium class;
  • E – middle class;
  • M – multimedia;
  • H[email protected] connection to the smart home network;
  • S – Solitair, designer model;
  • X – others.

Let's look at the rules for labeling Bosch washing machines

If you accurately decipher the markings, you can find out the main technical parameters of the machine without reading the operating manual. Below we will look at the breakdown of Bosch washing machine models from 2014-2019.

The first letter indicates the type of equipment W - washing machine.

The second letter indicates design features:

  • A – depth 60 cm, front loading;
  • L – depth 40 cm, front loading (narrow washing machines);
  • I – front built-in model;
  • E – fully built-in, with a hinged door;
  • M – front loading;
  • O – vertical loading;
  • V – drying machine;
  • K – built-in washer-dryer;
  • B - WorldWasher.

The third letter is a series:

  • G , H – 2 series (Classixx), 4 series (Maxx);
  • K , T – 6 series (Avantixx);
  • S , W – 8 series (Logixx);
  • Y – Home Professional series.

In later models, the same letter, however, means the class of the machine (platform type), and there are the following options:

  • S – class F20, premium with a load of 8 kilograms;
  • E – FV, middle class;
  • T – middle class PV with vertical loading;
  • A – FX, basic class;
  • R – basic class PX with vertical loading;
  • V – class P20;
  • X – forty-centimeter middle class SV;
  • D – class WV;
  • C – class WX;
  • B – premium class WW68, load 9 kilograms.

The following is the digital designation of the spin speed (the value is multiplied by 50 times):

  • 12 – 600 rpm;
  • 16 – 800 rpm;
  • 20 – 1000 revolutions;
  • 24 – 1200 rpm;
  • 28 – 1400 rpm;
  • 32 – 1600 rpm;
  • 36 – 1800 rpm;
  • 40 – 2000 rpm.

The next combination with numbers is the type of control (for example, electronic display "27»).

The next number is the design of the washing machine. Almost always it is “” or “ 1 ” - classic.


When choosing a dryer from Bosch, you should consider that:

  • selection criteria are power, drum volume and number of modes;
  • The energy efficiency class plays an important role - this indicator is also worth paying attention to;
  • safety locking is a feature that a family with small children cannot do without;
  • If the device is purchased for drying items made from different fabrics, it is better to give preference to a model with a large number of modes.

Countries of assembly

First of all, let's learn to recognize the parts of the marking that tell us about the country of assembly of the Bosch washing machine. You can determine the origin of a washing machine, first of all, by the letter index, which can be found at the end of the marking designation of a particular model.

  1. OE - tells us that the machine was made in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine.
  2. EE - this index indicates that the machine was assembled in Spain.
  3. BY - tells us that the Bosch washing machine was made in Eastern Europe.
  4. GB - this index tells us that the Bosch machine was assembled in the UK.
  5. EU - this index indicates that the washing machine was manufactured in Eastern or Western Europe.

What this or that index prefix means is very important, but you need to understand that not all designations have such prefixes. Moreover, it is impossible to accurately determine the country of origin using the index. A three-digit letter code at the very beginning of the marking will help you do this with a specific Bosch washing machine. Let's give specific examples.

  1. WAS - means that this model is assembled in Germany.
  2. WLX - these cars are also assembled in Germany.
  3. WAE – this code denotes cars made in Poland or Turkey, with the exception of the model with the marking WAE28441, which is assembled in Germany.
  4. WLF - in most cases, this code denotes equipment assembled in Germany, if the numeric code ends with 4 or 5 - in China.
  5. WAA is the designation for models made in Turkey.
  6. WOT – Bosch cars from France.
  7. WOR - this equipment is assembled in Poland.
  8. WFX is an old designation that identifies washing machines assembled in Poland.
  9. WLM is a code that identifies Chinese equipment.

The above codes designate a wide variety of washing equipment from Bosch: narrow, full-size, vertical and front loading.

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