Instructions: how to remove blinds from a window (for different types of fastenings)

How to remove blinds from a window

In order to thoroughly wash the glass and the curtain made of slats, sometimes you have to disassemble the structure. Each type of accessory has its own mounting method:

Horizontal blinds

Most often they are made of plastic, mounted on special “swallow” brackets. In this case, you just need to pull them into a roll and secure the bundle with any clamp. Then move apart the front and rear walls of the mounting lamella and remove the structure. Now you can send the roll to the wash.

Vertical blinds

Everything is very simple here:

  • open the blinds and align them so that all the strips are in one row;
  • open the side plugs on the leading lamellas;
  • remove the chain and weights located at the bottom;
  • remove parts of the blinds from the cornice;
  • We roll them up and put them in the washing machine.

These are the basic recommendations for disassembling the structure. You should remember or write down each step, or even better, take a photo of the work on your phone. This will make it easier not to get confused when assembling the blinds later.

Now let's talk about each method of cleaning accessories separately.

Types and breakdowns of blinds

Nowadays, there are a large number of different types of blinds.
They are adapted to customer requirements and made in different shapes and sizes. The most popular types of blinds include horizontal and vertical. Horizontal blinds are made of slats that are located one above the other. Cords are pulled between them, thanks to which the structure easily moves and rotates. They are mounted on the wall of the room or ceiling. Horizontal blinds are very strong and durable . They are easy to wash and clean. Thanks to this, such curtains are widespread not only in residential premises, but also in corporate offices.

Vertical blinds are even more durable and resistant to external factors . They are easy to use and do not require special care. Just like horizontal ones, they are easily mounted on a wall or ceiling. In addition to windows, they are often hung in doorways, replacing interior doors. If you hang a lock on vertical blinds, you can use them as protection for store windows.

Blinds break quite rarely. If, however, this happens, then do not rush to take the curtains to the workshop. As a rule, all the breakdowns are simple and every owner can easily repair the blinds with his own hands. To do this, it is enough to study the experience of your predecessors and strictly follow all repair recommendations.

Step-by-step instructions on how to remove blinds with different types of opening

Modern blinds are impregnated with special protective compounds so that they do not fade in the sun, do not collect dust, are antistatic, and are not afraid of dampness and temperature changes. In order not to deteriorate the physical and mechanical characteristics of the material, it is necessary to carry out the process carefully; the lamellas should not be pulled or bent, since deformation will inevitably worsen not only the appearance of the product, but will also entail repairs to the structure.

Before you begin removing the blinds, clear the windows and remove the classic curtains, if any.

Another important point that must be completed before removing the blinds to wash: it is recommended to carefully roll up the cords and chains; it is better to tie them with a rope or elastic band so that they do not get tangled.

It will take several people to remove large blinds.

Simple tips on how to remove vertical slats without damaging them

Removing vertical blinds from a window for washing is not difficult; it is important to do the work step by step to avoid confusion:

  • open the blinds and put them aside;
  • remove special weights from the lower folds of the lamellas;
  • remove the chain;
  • for ease of work, use a stepladder, otherwise your hands will get tired, and you will involuntarily begin to cling and hang on the canvas;
  • take the lamella by the upper edge, move it slightly towards the cornice, and then sharply turn your hand with the strip towards the high part of the runner, there should be a click and the eye with the strip will be removed from the hook, for clarity, watch the video on how to do this work correctly.

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The fabric slats are neatly folded one on top of the other and rolled up for washing or storage. The algorithm for removing vertical blinds with plastic and wooden slats, as well as strips of other relatively hard materials, is identical

But here it is necessary to remove the clamps, and it is important to remember that the strips cannot be folded

Proceed with caution, try not to scratch the slats, so as not to repaint or cover up defects later

Blinds need to be removed for cleaning and washing much less frequently than traditional fabric curtains.

Rules for removing horizontal blinds

The main task, if necessary, to remove the horizontal structure, is to unfasten the cornice from the brackets. In plastic holders for mini-blinds, the top fasteners simply move to the side or rise up. In metal clamp clamps you need to unscrew the screws, in other models you need to push the Tris latch with your finger.

If the brackets have an L-mount, you need to remove the side plugs, carefully crawl inside the cornice with a screwdriver and press out the tabs, then the front wall bends towards itself, and the blinds can be easily removed from the mounts. How to remove blinds from different types of brackets, see the following video in detail.

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It is important to understand that before removing horizontal blinds from a window, it is necessary to estimate the weight of the structure; dismantling large wooden and metal products may require several people

Learning to remove roller blinds

Roller blinds can be attached with a magnet, tape, in some models the roller hangs on brackets or is hidden in a cassette. Before work, be sure to wind the fabric onto the shaft.

In the first case, there are no problems with dismantling at all, just snap off the magnets

It is more difficult to remove the fabric from the Velcro; you must very carefully pick up the adhesive tape with a knife and slowly peel it away from the frame, trying not to damage the structure. The curtain is sent for washing, and the mounting area is cleaned, the glue is removed well with an alcohol solution

Schematic design of roller blinds

To remove roller blinds from the brackets in the same way as horizontal ones, here you need to decide on the design of the holder and follow the algorithm. To remove cassette models you will have to tinker:

  • snap off the side decorative plugs;
  • pull out the gears from the other edge of the curtain control mechanism with a chain;
  • From the control mechanism side, pull the shaft to the side;
  • remove the curtain from the pipe.

Before washing, do not forget to unfasten the bottom strip from the blinds.

Blinds can be removed not only for washing and cleaning, but also to be replaced with a different design; this technique can significantly refresh the interior and add accents

Practical advice

We must not only tell you how to remove blinds from a window, but how to do it correctly and safely. Such window systems can be damaged by careless and inept handling, which will entail the need to purchase new blinds. You need to carefully study the tips and do the preparatory work:

  • We go over the curtain with a vacuum cleaner to collect dust, which can easily fly around the room.
  • The slats are impregnated with special compounds that make them durable and resistant to external factors. To prevent these features from being damaged, the lamellas must not be bent, twisted, pulled or deformed in other ways.
  • The window should be free of foreign objects; curtains are also not needed yet.
  • Ropes and chains from the window structure must be carefully collected and tied, which will prevent them from getting tangled.
  • It is better to hang several short structures on large windows. This trick will make caring for your blinds easier.

If there are no questions at this stage, you can move on to the next point to learn even more about how to remove the blinds from the window to wash. And then according to the plan, we will get acquainted with the dismantling processes, which differ depending on the types of construction and some structural features.

How to remove blinds for washing

If there is only a small amount of dirt and dust, you can clean the blinds without removing them. However, serious stains require general cleaning. And the method of removing blinds will depend on the type of structure used.


It is easier to remove vertical blinds if you first understand their design. The slats are hung on the eaves, and there are plugs on the sides. If you need to remove vertical blinds for washing, you should follow this procedure:

Open the blinds completely to avoid damaging them when removing them. Assemble the slats together using the control rope. There is a chain on the weights, which also needs to be removed by carefully grasping the clasps with your fingers. Remove the plastic parts from the slats. Remove the slats that are located on the cornice runners. Find the longest part related to the slider clip by grasping it with your fingers

It is necessary to slowly and carefully move this area away. When the shoulder of the lamella comes out of the grip, the part can be easily removed, after which the shoulder must be carefully put back in place. Repeat these manipulations for all elements. Removing vertical blinds most often does not cause difficulties, but if problems arise, it is better to have them cleaned by professionals

This will ensure high quality cleaning and no risk of damaging the plastic surface.

Removing vertical blinds most often does not cause any difficulties, but if problems arise, it is better to have them cleaned by professionals. This will ensure high quality cleaning and no risk of damaging the plastic surface.


If dismantled incorrectly, horizontal blinds can be damaged by breaking the slats or damaging the frame structure. Before removing the structure, wipe the slats with a soft cloth to remove dust. To dismantle the structure, it is necessary to prepare a screwdriver, and for re-installation, spare screws and bolts may be required.

The dismantling process is quite simple, the main thing is to perform all actions slowly and carefully. Carrying out work requires first closing the window.

Main stages of dismantling:

  1. Removing the box if the blinds have a decorative cover. To remove the fasteners, you need to pry them off with a screwdriver.
  2. Raise the slats, supporting them with your hand.
  3. Find the latches on the bracket, which are usually tabs on the edges, pull them towards you and remove them from the mount. At this stage, it is better to do the work together: one bends the fastening tongues, and the second holds the slats.

If you have problems bending the clamps, you can remove the blinds along with the fasteners. However, it is prohibited to wash the blinds together with the fastenings.

It is important to carry out all work carefully and accurately so as not to damage the structure.


Roller blinds can be washed, so it is best to clean them when they are removed. To do this you will need:

  1. Roll the curtains into a tight roll.
  2. If there is a guide line present, it must be disconnected.
  3. Remove the weight plugs.
  4. Remove the protective capsule.
  5. Using a screwdriver, you need to remove the tube on which the blinds are wound.

Most models of roller blinds are easy to disassemble, so removing the blinds is rarely a problem.

Care Tips

Proper care is the key to long service life of products. It provides not only the need to open or close the blinds, but also regularly apply preventive measures. These include the following:

  1. To maintain the appearance of your blinds, you need to clean them every month.
  2. If fabric curtains are used in the kitchen, they should be replaced with metal or plastic ones. They are much easier to remove dirt and grease from.
  3. The planks should be checked regularly for damage. If necessary, these structural parts can be replaced with new ones.
  4. If it is not possible to remove the blinds, they should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.
  5. To avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt, you can apply a special composition to the slats.
  6. You need to carefully monitor the condition of fabric blinds and avoid creases in the material.

Removing blinds from windows is quite simple. To do this, you need to understand the mechanism of their fastening and carefully perform all actions. If you manage to complete this job, you can easily wash the curtains and restore their attractive appearance.

Vertical slats

To remove the vertical slats from the window, you do not need to apply any special effort. The dismantling procedure itself is quite simple and does not take much time.

So, how to remove vertical blinds:

  • the slats should be evenly distributed along the cornice to which they are attached and unfolded so that they line up in a row;
  • there is a plug on the side of the cornice - it must be removed; first lift it, then tilt it to the side and pull it out sharply;
  • Carefully remove the chain connecting the individual blinds;
  • remove the weights from the lower compartments of the canvases;
  • Now you can remove the slats - they are disconnected one by one and folded one by one.

Removing aluminum and plastic blinds from a window follows a similar pattern; when dismantling a wooden structure, the clamps located on each side are first removed.

Dismantling roller blinds

To fix such a structure, various methods can be used: magnet, cassette, tape, brackets. In any case, you need to rewind the fabric. How to remove roller blinds from a window will be described below, considering all the options:

  • Magnets are the easiest to handle; they simply snap off and the blinds are in your hands.
  • Velcro isn't as comfortable. You need to be dexterous to pick up the tape with a knife. Now you can tear the structure off the window. The fastening site is treated with alcohol, which dissolves glue residues well.
  • Another difficult option is brackets. To dismantle such a structure, it is necessary to use the diagram that was described for horizontal blinds.
  • Cassette structures are also not easy to remove. First, the plugs are snapped off, then the gears are removed. Where the mechanism for controlling the curtains is located, the shaft must be pulled to the side. Now the curtain can be easily removed from the pipe.

Cleaning different types of blinds

To clean the blinds, you should close them, distribute them evenly across the window and wipe each slat separately on both sides. To do this, you can use either ordinary rags, sponges, brushes and washcloths, or special care devices purchased in the store.

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive products, we recommend watching a video that shows how to make convenient equipment for cleaning blinds from ordinary kitchen sponges:


Horizontal products have quite complex fastenings, which, in addition, may differ depending on the manufacturer.

It is not difficult to wash horizontal aluminum blinds without first dismantling them, the main thing is to follow simple recommendations:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to clean the slats from dust with a dry cloth, brush or vacuum cleaner, this will reduce the likelihood of streaks during subsequent cleaning.
  2. Before you begin wet cleaning, it is recommended to carefully remove all plastic plugs and put them on only after the slats have dried thoroughly. This will prevent metal corrosion.
  3. It is not recommended to wash the blinds in the assembled state, because such actions will only soak the dirt but will not remove it.

Preliminary cleaning of dust using a conventional hand-held vacuum cleaner will avoid streaks.

Among the variety of methods for cleaning horizontal products, the most effective are the options presented below.

Method No. 1. Using a soft dry brush or special tweezers is one of the simplest and most correct options for removing dust and small dirt. For these purposes, you can also use a small piece of woolen fabric or a paint brush. Using the selected tool, you need to clean each of the slats one by one.

Cleaning the slats using a special brush - pipidastra

To prevent dust from settling on the surface for as long as possible, it is advisable to spray the blinds with a product that has an antistatic effect.

Method No. 2. Dilute a small amount of washing powder or any other detergent in a bowl of warm water. Soak a washcloth or soft, lint-free cloth in the solution and wipe each rail. Then repeat the procedure using clean water. This method is suitable for products made from materials that are not afraid of moisture.

After washing plastic products, wipe the surface dry and then treat the slats with an antistatic agent.

Method number 3. Dishwashing detergent and laundry soap must be diluted in a bowl of hot water. Beat the resulting solution until foam forms. Use a cloth to wipe each lamella. This option is used to remove grease stains and dirt from heavily soiled surfaces, for example, for products located in the kitchen. To enhance the effect, you can replace the soft rag with a good hard sponge.

Using a hard sponge allows you to remove even the most severe dirt

Method number 4. For cleaning, you can also use special wipes designed for the care of office equipment. Close the blinds, press them against the window and clean the slats one by one from dirt. This method greatly simplifies the life of housewives, since the wipes do not leave a soapy residue on the slats and eliminate the possibility of corrosion.

Method No. 5. To remove dirt from horizontal slats, you can use a 40% alcohol solution or vodka. A piece of cotton wool is soaked in the liquid and the product is wiped.

Method number 6. You can quickly and easily clean products using a steam generator. Dirt treated with hot steam can be easily wiped off with a regular cloth.


Such products are most often used in offices and other institutions. However, they are also found in apartments. Washing vertical blinds is much easier than horizontal ones, but in this case they will have to be removed from the window. To clean products without removing them, experts recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment for cleaning upholstered furniture.

In order to effectively clean blinds from various contaminants and not damage them, it is necessary to choose the best option based on the characteristics of each specific model. Now you know how to properly wash blinds so that they please their owners for a long time and perform their functions flawlessly.

What parts of vertical blinds break most often?

Before you start studying the repair instructions, let’s remember what elements vertical blinds consist of:

  1. Load-bearing and decorative cornices;
  2. Runners to which slats are attached;
  3. Slat holders (hangers) connecting the slats to the supporting cornice;
  4. Weights that give weight to the canvas;
  5. Chain connecting the slats at the bottom;
  6. Control chain (with its help the lamellas rotate around an axis);
  7. Control cord (moves and expands the slats) with a plastic tensioner;
  8. Lamels.

The most common breakdowns are:

  • break in the chain connecting the lamellas from below;
  • breakage of the adjusting cord;
  • breakage of the runners on which the lamellas are held;
  • breakage of the “shoulder”;
  • loss of the presentable appearance of one or more lamellas.

None of these breakdowns are critical, and you can fix them yourself. How to repair vertical blinds with fabric slats will be discussed step by step below.

How to remove horizontal blinds

In order not to break the fastenings when dismantling the blinds, it is necessary to understand the design features of this product. Simplified, the device consists of the following components:

  • cornice;
  • metal clamps;
  • bracket;
  • canvas with horizontal blinds;
  • a control circuit by which the position of such a curtain is regulated.

This type of blinds is made of plastic (the most popular option), wood or metal (mostly aluminum). Products of this type are compact in size. Therefore, when installing the structure, it is attached to the wall above the window opening.

Before dismantling horizontal aluminum (plastic) blinds, it is necessary to determine the type of fastening. The order of work depends on this.

Swallow mount

This type of fastening is mainly used for products with manual control of the position of the slats. To remove horizontal blinds from windows, fixed with a “swallow”, you will need to remove the side clamps and dismantle the structure.

Self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws are used to attach blinds to window sashes. This installation method is relevant in cases where compact structures are used. To remove plastic blinds fixed in this way, you need to fold and lift the slats, and then unscrew the screws. The latter usually hide decorative plugs.

Dismantling with plastic plugs

To remove aluminum blinds with plastic plugs, you will need to lift the slats and pull the lock towards you by the protrusions, and then to the right. Next, the plates need to be pulled forward and down. After this, you can disassemble the structure for washing.

Blinds with wooden slats are removed in the same way. The only difference is that to dismantle the panels you must first remove the bottom chain (some models also have weights). Then you need to remove the wooden slats one at a time, being careful not to damage the canvas.

Dismantling cassette blinds

Cassette-type blinds differ from the previous ones in that, after being raised, the slats are hidden in a plastic block (cassette) located at the top. Roller curtains are mounted on adhesive tape. Aluminum structures are fixed using self-tapping screws.

To remove the slats you will need:

  1. Remove the plugs on the cassette (secured with a plastic clip).
  2. Remove the gears hidden in the cassette.
  3. Pull the mechanism by which the position of the panels is adjusted to the side.
  4. Remove the sheet with lamellas from the pipe.

When it is necessary to dismantle the plates along with the cornice, it is recommended to first unscrew the lower screws, and then the upper ones. If you proceed in the reverse order, the structure will fall before the fastenings are removed.

Main types of breakdowns

Due to the different structure and order of the device, the problems in these two varieties are also different. Therefore, repairing horizontal blinds will differ from repairing vertical blinds.

Horizontal design

Horizontal structures are quite durable, and with careful use they can serve you for ten years without a single breakdown. But if used carelessly or as a result of poor-quality assembly, certain parts may fail. Let's take a closer look at how to repair horizontal blinds. The list of main faults includes:

  1. The lamellas (sashes) do not rotate around their axis.
  2. Broken cord.
  3. Damage to the lifting and turning mechanism.
  4. Broken horizontal bar.

Replacing hooks and latches

If the horizontal slats stop rotating around their axis, then the problem is broken hooks and lower clamps. To replace broken plastic parts, you will have to buy new parts from a specialized store.

In this case, you should pay attention to their size - the purchased parts may differ from the original ones. Therefore, when going to the store, take the broken part with you as a sample.

Replacement is carried out as follows:

  1. Remove the old hook or fastener.
  2. With one hand we firmly hold the rotating mechanism, preventing it from rotating, and with the other we insert a new hook into the corresponding hole.
  3. Insert a vertical cane into the installed hook.

The lower clamp is also replaced in the same way. After this procedure, the lamellas will begin to rotate around their axis, regulating the flow of light.

Replacing a broken cord

If the cord breaks, it should be replaced with a new one. Before purchasing a new cord, you should take the dimensions of the blinds design. Knowing these dimensions, the sales consultant will be able to select the lace of the length you need. To work you will need scissors, a needle and tweezers. The procedure for replacing the cord will be as follows:

  1. We remove the remnants of the old torn cord.
  2. We pass the new cord through the lifting mechanism so that it passes between the iron cylinder and the plastic roller.
  3. We pass the cord into the lower hole of the plastic basket at the place where the ladder is attached. At the same time, the lace is also threaded between the ladder.
  4. We thread the second piece of cord in the same way as the first. We just pass it through the nearby punching of the horizontal slats.
  5. Next, take a large needle and insert the cord into it. Using a needle, we thread the lace through the holes in the slats, going around the ladder first to the right, then to the left. Thus, the cord wraps around the ladder in the form of a snake.
  6. At the bottom of the blinds, we pass a needle with a cord through the plug and tie it in a knot. We perform a similar operation with the second cord.

Lift-and-swing mechanism repair

If the blinds do not want to work in the desired mode, then the whole problem may be a breakdown of the lifting and turning mechanism. Before you take on this work, you need to soberly assess your capabilities: can you fix horizontal blinds with your own hands? The fact is that replacing a lifting and turning mechanism is a rather complicated task. First of all, we need to remember the location of all the structural parts, after which we proceed directly to replacing the damaged mechanism.

  1. First of all, remove the plugs from the sides of the cornice.
  2. We open the edges of the cornice and, using pliers, pull out the shaft on which the rotation mechanism is attached.
  3. We disconnect the shaft and the turning mechanism.
  4. We pull out the cord from the lifting and turning mechanism, untying its lower ends.
  5. We insert the ends of the lace into the new mechanism, passing them between the roller and the cylinder.
  6. We attach the new rotating mechanism to the shaft and assemble the structure in the reverse order.

This procedure should be performed strictly in the suggested sequence, since the wrong order of actions can lead to breakdown.

Replacing damaged slats

Very often, horizontal slats - lamellas - suffer from mechanical loads. At the same time, it can be almost impossible to repair damaged planks - straightening them is completely impractical. It is easier to replace bent slats with new ones. This process is carried out as follows:

  1. We squeeze out the plugs from the bottom of the bar, untie and remove the cord.
  2. We remove bent or broken strips, replacing them with new ones.
  3. We thread the cord into the corresponding holes of the new slats, the bottom bar and the plug.
  4. The ends of the cord are tied in a knot and the plug is inserted back into the bottom bar.

As you can see, repairing horizontal blinds is not so difficult - you just need to show enough diligence and ingenuity. To learn how to repair horizontal blinds yourself, watch this video:

Vertical structures

Repairing vertical blinds is somewhat different from repairing horizontal structures. The most common breakdowns of this system:

  • break in the connecting chain;
  • control chain break;
  • replacing hangers;
  • broken cord.

To repair vertical blinds that have a broken chain connecting the slats, you should remove the old chain. Then a whole chain is mounted in its place, to which the vertical petals of the lamellas are attached.

Methods for cleaning and washing aluminum and plastic horizontal blinds

So, let’s begin to analyze the question of how to quickly, easily and - most importantly - properly wash horizontal blinds at home, without removing them from the windows. Aluminum and plastic products will be considered here.

Dry cleaning

Suitable for the simplest task – removing dust. You should not use water when dry cleaning, because it will only leave dirty stains on the slats. Here you can use a vacuum cleaner or a special soft cloth or brush. There are brushes for cleaning blinds on sale, and you can purchase one when purchasing, for example, in our store. If you don’t have a brush, a cloth made of velvet, sheepskin, or other material with a pronounced texture will do.

Dry cleaning of blinds

Wipe the slats one by one, starting from the top. It is advisable to wipe them on both sides, as dust sticks to them from all sides.

If you carry out dry dust cleaning at home regularly, you know that some of the dust that has just been removed rises with gusts of air and settles again on furniture and interior items. This disadvantage also manifests itself in the care of blinds, so perhaps you will choose some other option.

Washing with soapy water

The most common option for regular maintenance of blinds.

Many housewives are wondering what exactly to use as a detergent for soap solution. There is no need to invent anything here - laundry soap, gel, washing powder are perfect (the latter must be thoroughly dissolved so as not to damage the slats). Add a little of your chosen detergent to warm water and dissolve. Dampen a sponge in it and wipe the slats one by one on both sides. After the dirt has been washed away, you can proceed to the second stage - wiping with a dry cloth. It will remove excess water from the blinds and at the same time wipe away any remaining foam.

This method will take longer than dry cleaning, but it will help get rid of stubborn dirt.

Special brushes can be used for both dry and wet cleaning

Wiping with glass cleaner

You can also use the option with glass cleaner.

Close the blinds so that the slats are vertical. Spray glass care products onto the blinds and wipe them with a dry cloth. Most likely, you will need several rags.

Two birds with one stone! Glass cleaner will clean both windows and blinds

This method is good to combine with washing windows, since after washing the blinds there will still be dirty splashes on the windows, and they will also have to be wiped.

Wiping with antistatic agent

Dissolve a small amount of antistatic polish in a container of warm water. Stir it well and start wiping. Be sure to use rubber gloves when working! Move the blinds to the sun protection position (as in the previous point). After moistening a sponge or cloth in the polish solution, wipe the slats on both sides with it.

The method will help not only eliminate dust, but also prevent its appearance for a while.

Wiping with wet wipes

This method is suitable for blinds in the office. It is unlikely that you will be able to arrange a grandiose cleaning there with basins, soap and sponges. But dust flying from blinds negatively affects the well-being of workers. Your assistant in this matter is wet wipes. They are always at hand and can be used to quickly and efficiently carry out small cleaning.

Cleaning blinds with wet wipes

Wipe the slats on both sides one by one, holding them with your hand. Don’t forget about the stairs and cornices, where dust also accumulates.


If contamination causes concern and cannot be “treated” by the methods listed above, there is another one – a more professional one. This is steaming using a steam generator. It helps to refresh the appearance of the lamellas and eliminate localized stains of increased resistance.

Cleaning horizontal blinds with a steamer

Cleaning companies use this method as the most effective and least time-consuming. Its main advantage is that, to achieve an excellent effect, the blinds do not even have to be removed from the eaves.

Common breakdowns and troubleshooting methods

Most often the lamellas become unusable. They may become deformed, break or lose their appearance relative to the coating.

According to their prevalence, cords can be called further. In most cases, they are wiped due to frequent changes in the position of the slats. It is less likely that this cable will break.

Mechanism breakdowns are less common. This could be a crack in a plastic part or foreign elements getting into metal parts that are driven.

Most of them can be eliminated. You can contact specialists, which you will have to pay if the case is not covered by warranty. Therefore, owners of blinds often begin repairs on their own.

Swivel mechanism

If the blinds do not close completely, then this is a sign of a malfunction in the mechanism. Of all the possible troubleshooting processes, repairing it is considered the most difficult. Therefore, you should prefer to contact specialists.

If, nevertheless, the replacement of the damage will be carried out with your own hands, then you should start by remembering the location of all structural elements.

Next you need to do the following:

  • remove the plugs;
  • pull out the shaft with the device attached to it;
  • separate parts;
  • pull the cord out of the broken one and insert it into the new part.

Then everything happens in reverse order. That is, fastening the mechanism and assembling the structure. The main thing is not to break the sequence. Otherwise, new troubles may soon arise.

Slat repair

It is almost impossible to fix an unusable plank. Therefore, the only way to fix the problem is to completely replace the lamella.

The process looks like this:

  • plugs are dismantled;
  • the cable is pulled out;
  • The defective part is replaced.

Next, the work is carried out in reverse order.

Most craftsmen recommend entrusting the repair of wooden blinds to specialists. It will be more difficult to resolve this issue on your own due to the fragility and softness of the material.

Replacing latches and hooks

This activity has to be carried out if the slats stop turning. Replacement parts can be purchased at specialty stores or ordered directly from the manufacturer. In both cases, it is important to understand that the dimensions of the elements may be different. Therefore, you need to measure the parts or take them with you for comparison.

The repair process includes several steps:

  • dismantling a part that has become unusable;
  • installation is carried out in a strictly stationary position of the rotating mechanism.

Next, insert a cane into the hook. If we are talking about a latch, then it changes according to the same principle.

Broken cord

How to fix horizontal blinds if the cord comes off? Before you purchase a new one, you need to take measurements of the curtain design. The replacement looks like this:

  • dismantling all remains;
  • the new product is passed through the mechanism so that it ends up between the cylinder and the roller;
  • then it passes through the hole in the basket and is threaded between the ladder;
  • the second part of the product is refilled using the same algorithm;
  • then the cable is pulled through the holes in the lamellas, going around the ladder from different sides.

The final step is to tie a knot outside the plug.

Terms of use

Roller blinds will last a long time if you follow these simple rules:

  1. All actions to control the mechanism are performed smoothly, without jerking. If the control rope gets tangled, do not pull it, untangle it, then pull it gently.
  2. The more often you ventilate the room, the longer the roller blinds will retain their appearance. In a fresh room, they will not accumulate odors.
  3. Treat the fabric with care, do not touch it with wet hands; when washing windows, collect the curtains, do not bend the fabric.
  4. If the mechanism begins to jam, lubricate it with a special compound.
  5. It is not recommended to hang the product near the stove, electrical appliances, or batteries.

When choosing, don't settle for the cheapest options. For an example of how to care for roller blinds, watch this video:

If you want the canvas to serve for a long time, it must be dense, moisture-resistant, and impregnated with protective compounds.

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Features of independent work using a cord

If the control cord in a structure breaks or is stretched, its complete replacement is required. Instructions for repairing horizontal blinds with a cord:

  1. The bottom bar bends slightly where the plastic plugs are attached, making them easy to remove.
  2. They are pulled back a little, the cord is cut above the plugs.
  3. It is completely removed from the system, while maintaining the location of all structural parts motionless.
  4. The new cord is first threaded through the lifting and turning mechanism, then through the cornice, and after that, using a “gypsy” needle or other similar device, it is inserted between the outer holes of all the slats. You need to make sure that the cord does not get tangled and maintains the required tension.
  5. The cord is threaded through the last lamella and the bottom bar, followed by its insertion into the previous plugs. It is necessary to tie a very strong knot to secure the cord well in the system.

Attention: If all actions are performed correctly, the blinds will regain their previous mobility and functionality.

General description of the process

  1. First you need to imagine the whole process. Keep in mind that vertical blinds will be much easier to remove than horizontal ones. This is due to the peculiarities of different designs (especially for fastenings).
  2. Once you have imagined what you have to do, start removing all the decorative parts, in particular the cornice cover.
  3. Next, you have to lift all the sheets of blinds and hold them with one hand (if you have roller or horizontal blinds). At the same time, the other one will need to find the protrusions on the fixing box; it is located at the upper edge of the structure.
  4. When you find it, you will need to sharply pull out the latches in order to open the mechanism.
  5. To remove the structure from the supports, pull the blinds forward and down. Are you done? You can now close the blinds.
  6. If your structure is secured with clamps, then you need to open them with a clamping wrench and then remove them, while simultaneously releasing the opened clamps to their original position.


After washing the blinds, you need to return them to their place, which will also require some effort.

  1. To fix the blinds in the plastic mount, you need to put the latch back in place, just not from the side, as when removing it, but from the top, pressing it until it clicks.
  2. The cornice is put on the metal fastening with tongues in the reverse order. First, the side of the cornice that is closer to the window is inserted into the mount, and then the other side is removed and raised to the mount. Now you can loosen the applied force and the cornice will be fixed in the fastener.
  3. The cornice is inserted into the twist brackets and the tongue is returned to its place.
  4. If the fastening was made with self-tapping screws, then they simply need to be screwed into the existing holes. You shouldn’t clamp it too hard, as they can turn in the thin wall of the window frame. Return the fishing line to its place, tighten and secure it, and then install the decorative covers.


Specialists who have been laying surfaces with decorative stone for a long time, at the very beginning of the work, plan how they will lay it. You can lay it out on the floor or draw a plan on a piece of checkered paper.

Many people ignore the preparatory process, thinking that they can do without it. But in this case, you need to take into account the fact that the glue sets very quickly, and it may take too much time to redo the work. Of course, it's best to plan everything first.


Removing vertical blinds does not require much effort. This is a fairly simple procedure that will not take much of your time.

First, let's look at the design of blinds and its components. The device includes:

  • cornice;
  • connecting chain;
  • control circuit;
  • runners;
  • weights;
  • cord;
  • lamellas (plates).

Cornices of modern designs can be plastic, aluminum or wood. The slats are most often made of plastic, metal, fabric, straw or bamboo. There are also multi-textured vertical blinds, which are a combination of different materials.

The algorithm of actions when removing vertical blinds depends on the material from which the canvases are made.

Fabric slats

Open the blinds and unfold them so that the slats are lined up. Remove the chain and weights located below. Remove the trim strip (if present) and side caps. Disconnect each lamella one by one by snapping it away from the slider. To unfasten the panel from the slider, lift the plastic loop up and at the same time move the extended part to the side. When the clamp opens, remove the plate from it.

Runners on older structures can be fragile due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, so they must be handled with great care

Roll each detached lamella and place it in a soapy solution. After cleaning, rinse the canvases with clean water and dry them, leaving them for a while spread out on a flat surface. It is recommended to hang the vertical plates in a damp state so that the fabric does not look wrinkled after drying.

We offer video instructions for viewing:

Criteria for the feasibility of repairing blinds

If a device breaks down, before you undertake its restoration, you need to evaluate the rationality of the repair.

Restoration is justified if:

  • blinds are a high-class artistic accessory, for example, a handmade piece;
  • the damage is not significant and can be eliminated by replacing or adjusting a low-value component;
  • As a result of repairs, it is possible to improve the accessory.

It is not advisable to repair blinds if:

  • the device is of little value, and its physical wear and tear is on the verge of exhaustion;
  • There are no obsolete worn-out components on sale, and their individual production by a professional is required;
  • There are several damages, and the cost of eliminating them is close to the price of a new accessory.

Damage to blinds without a reasonable prospect of restoration

If, after assessing the situation, a decision is made to refuse repairs, then the purchase of a new accessory is made taking into account the factors that led to the failure of the old one - for example, if there are pets in the house, it is better to install blinds with vertical slats.

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