5 most delicious recipes for cooking pilaf in a slow cooker


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Prepare delicious crumbly beef pilaf in a slow cooker and save your time. Despite the simplicity of preparation, the pilaf turns out quite tasty.

Classic pilaf with beef


  • 200 g rice.
  • 250 g beef.
  • 1 large carrot.
  • 1 large onion. If the onions and carrots are small, you need to take two of them.
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic.
  • 400 ml water.
  • 50 ml vegetable oil.
  • 0.3 tsp cumin
  • 0.3 tsp turmeric.
  • 0.3 tsp ground paprika.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.

Cooking time: 2 hours.

Number of servings: 4.

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  • Preparing vegetables. Cut the carrots into strips approximately 5 mm thick. It is desirable that the straws are also long - 5-6 cm. Cut the onion into thick half rings. Vegetables for pilaf are never cut finely so that they do not fall apart during prolonged heat treatment.
  • Preparing meat. Wash the beef, cut into pieces 3-4 cm thick.
  • Roasting vegetables. In the “Frying” mode, heat the vegetable oil and add onions and carrots into it. Cook for a few minutes, stirring, until the onion is translucent.
  • Roasting meat. Add beef pieces to the vegetables. Fry until browned on all sides.
  • Laying rice. Place washed (preferably several times) rice on top of the meat and vegetables and smooth it out. Sprinkle with spices, salt, pepper. Insert garlic cloves, peeled from the outer shell and washed, into the rice. Pour in water so that it is 1-1.5 cm higher than the rice.
  • Basic preparation. In the multicooker, set the “Pilaf” mode. It is designed specifically for preparing this dish. Close the multicooker with a lid and cook for 1 hour. During this time, do not open the lid and do not stir the food. When the pilaf is cooked, discard the garlic and mix all the ingredients.

How to cook chicken pilaf in a slow cooker

It is important that the rice does not stick together during cooking, but turns out crumbly. Therefore, before cooking, the cereal must be washed and left to stand in water. Rice is soaked in warm water (60 °C) for 30 minutes and then washed. In hot water, cereal releases starch better. In cold water, the grains crack and look ugly in the dish. Wash the cereal at least 5 times. You need to carefully ensure that the onions and carrots do not burn when frying, otherwise the taste of the dish will be spoiled.


  • chicken meat – 350 g;
  • carrots – 120 g;
  • rice – 1.5 cups;
  • onion - 1 large head;
  • water – 3 glasses;
  • vegetable oil – 40 ml;
  • salt and spices to taste.

Step-by-step recipe with photos:

  1. The poultry meat is thoroughly washed under running water and cut into pieces. You can remove the skin - not everyone likes it in pilaf.

  2. Peeled carrots are grated.
  3. Cut the onion into cubes.
  4. Pour oil into a multi-bowl, add onions and carrots and mix lightly.

  5. Place the meat on the vegetable mixture, close the lid, and set the “Frying” or “Baking” mode for 15 minutes. After 5-7 minutes, open and mix the contents.

  6. Pour in the washed rice, level it out and slowly pour in water so that the grain remains in place.

  7. Add salt and spices, close and set the “Pilaf” mode for 1 hour.


Depending on the multicooker, the “Pilaf” mode is replaced with “Rice” or “Stewing”.

Tomato pilaf with prunes


  • 200 g rice.
  • 300 beef.
  • 1 carrot.
  • 1 onion.
  • 1 tbsp. tomato paste. Instead, you can use finely chopped tomatoes, which are fried along with other vegetables.
  • 50 g pitted prunes.
  • 2-3 tbsp. vegetable oil.
  • 3 cloves of garlic.
  • 0.5 tsp Sahara.
  • 0.5 tsp paprika.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • Seasonings to taste.

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Number of servings: 5.


  • Roasting meat. Cut the beef into small pieces. In the “Fry” mode, heat the oil well. Add the meat and quickly fry until crisp on all sides.
  • Roasting vegetables. Add onion and carrots cut into half rings and into strips to the beef. Also add tomato paste and sugar. Stirring, fry for 5-6 minutes.
  • Adding rice. Level the meat and vegetables. Place the washed and cut into small pieces prunes. Next, add washed rice several times. Salt, pepper, add paprika. At this stage, you can add other spices and dry aromatic herbs to taste. Stick garlic cloves without the top husk into the rice. Add enough water to cover the rice on your finger.
  • Cooking pilaf. Set the “Pilaf” mode. In modern Redmond and Polaris multicookers, it is present in most models. If this mode is not available, the automatic “Porridge” or “Rice” program will do. Cook for 1 hour.
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Cooking the most delicious pilaf

In a slow cooker you can make pilaf that is indistinguishable from a dish cooked in a cauldron over a fire. Zirvak is fried separately in a frying pan on melted fat tail. For this recipe you can use lamb or beef. Use only half an onion, but you will need 500 g of carrots. In this version of the dish, rice, carrots and meat are taken in equal quantities.


  • lamb tail – 150 g;
  • rice – 0.5 kg;
  • beef (shoulder) – 500 g;
  • carrots – 0.5 kg;
  • onion – ½ head;
  • zira – a pinch;
  • garlic – 1 large head;
  • salt – 3 pinches;
  • water – 500 ml;
  • chili pepper to taste.

Step-by-step recipe with video:

  1. The fat tail is cut into large pieces, placed in a heated frying pan and heated.

  2. Carrots are cut into strips.
  3. The meat is cut like goulash.

  4. The onion is cut into half rings.
  5. The greaves are removed from the frying pan, the meat is placed in the boiling fat, distributed over the frying pan with a spoon and mixed.

  6. Add onions to the meat, fry for 5 minutes, put carrots on top, stir, reduce heat, sprinkle with cumin. Fry until done and transfer the roast to the slow cooker.

  7. Water is poured into the frying pan where the zirvak was fried, after boiling it is poured into a multi-bowl and salted.
  8. Wash the cereal well.
  9. Stick chili pepper and an unpeeled head of garlic into the contents of the bowl.

  10. Pour in the rice, level it out and add water to cover the grain.
  11. Cover with a lid and turn on the “Rice” mode.


After turning off the multicooker, take out the pepper, garlic, and mix the pilaf. When serving, place a soft garlic head and chili pepper on top.

Cooking tips

A few tips will help you prepare the perfect pilaf:

  • Choose special long-grain basmati or devzira rice. In eastern countries, it is customary to wash cereals up to seven times. This way, maximum gluten is washed out of it, so that the grains will not stick together during cooking. But buying short-grain rice for pilaf is not the best solution.
  • Rice is a very bland grain that absorbs salt. Therefore, add a little more salt than when preparing other dishes.
  • The finished pilaf should be left covered for another 10-20 minutes. This will make it even tastier.
  • The longer the carrot sticks, the better. But you can’t grate it - otherwise the carrots will simply fall apart during heat treatment.
  • For a pleasant sourness, you can add not only dried prunes to pilaf, but also quince, cherry plum, and barberry. This dish loves not only sour, but also spicy taste. Therefore, do not forget about hot pepper and other spices. Now stores sell special mixtures of spices for pilaf, which greatly simplify the cooking process.
  • Instead of vegetable oil, you can use fat tail or cottonseed oil. But it is not advisable to render ordinary lard. It has its own rather pronounced taste and aroma, which will “interrupt” the taste of other ingredients. When melting fat tail fat, stir it constantly so that it does not burn until it is completely melted.
  • It is best to serve pilaf with fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onions. You can also prepare a salad from fresh vegetables. They perfectly emphasize the taste of pilaf and help the body absorb it better.

It is advisable to drink pilaf with green tea, mineral water or fermented milk drinks.

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Beef pilaf in a Philips multicooker

  1. It is necessary to prepare the products. Rinse the rice in several waters. Peel and chop the vegetables. It is advisable to chop the onion into half rings and the carrots into thick strips.
  2. Clean the beef from films and veins. Cut the meat into small pieces.
  3. You need to pour oil into the multicooker container. Turn on the "Fry" function.
  4. Put onions there. You need to fry it until it becomes transparent, for 5 minutes.
  5. Add carrots. Fry everything together for a couple more minutes.
  6. Next you will need to cook the meat. It needs to be sprinkled with spices and fried along with vegetables until golden brown.
  7. Then you need to cook the rice. It needs to be poured into a bowl with vegetables and meat. The main thing is not to disturb the food while frying. Sprinkle it all with salt and spices and drown the head of garlic in the resulting pulp.
  8. Pour hot water over the rice. Please note that the cereal should be covered with water 1 cm above.
  9. After this, turn on the multicooker in the “Extinguishing” mode, close the lid and set the time to 1 hour. There is no need to open the multicooker lid during the specified time. After the end of the program signal sounds, the dish is almost ready.
  10. You can immediately add hot pepper, the main thing is not to overdo it with this product. Next, close the lid and leave the pilaf to cook in the “Warming” mode for 40 minutes. At this moment the pilaf arrives.

Beef pilaf in the Delphi multicooker

We offer a step-by-step recipe for preparing pilaf.

  1. Chop the carrots, pour oil into the multicooker bowl.
  2. Pour the carrots into the multicooker container and set the “Pilaf” mode for 45 minutes. This time is considered standard for this cooking mode.
  3. While the carrots are frying, you need to peel and chop the onion. It should be added to the carrots at the time when the multicooker mark indicates “40 minutes”. Salt it all.
  4. Now we need to cook the meat. It needs to be cut into very large pieces. Place it on top of the vegetables. The meat should be placed on top, without stirring anything.
  5. After 5 minutes, add the spices without stirring anything back. Spices need to be sprinkled carefully and evenly so that they are distributed correctly.
  6. When the mark points to “20 minutes,” everything that is stewing in the slow cooker will need to be stirred.
  7. Add rice to the bowl and fill it all with hot water.
  8. You will need to stick a whole head of garlic and pepper into the prepared mixture. There is no need to interfere with anything. Cook until the specified cooking mode is complete.
  9. At the end of the time, the main secret will be revealed: you need to open the multicooker, place the garlic and pepper, pushing them inside as much as possible. Use a stick to make several holes. Close the multicooker and turn on the “Warming” mode for 20 minutes. The pilaf needs to sit. You only need to stir it before serving.

This step-by-step recipe is quite simple, and the pilaf turns out very tasty.

Pilaf with beef in the Polaris multicooker

  1. Cut the beef into cubes, wash them immediately.
  2. Peel the carrots and cut them into thick strips.
  3. Peel the onion and chop.
  4. Place oil in the cup of the Polaris multicooker. Turn on the “Frying” program for literally 2 minutes.
  5. Open the lid and place the meat in the cup. Let it fry for 10 minutes with the lid closed.
  6. Turn off mode. Pour 100 grams of boiling water into a container with meat. Set the “Extinguishing” program, but leave the lid ajar. Food must be simmered for 1 hour.
  7. When the time is up, open the lid of the Polaris multicooker and put carrots and onions into the bowl.
  8. It is necessary to turn on the “Frying” mode again and cook the meat and vegetables for about 10 minutes.
  9. Stop mode. Salt the meat and vegetables, sprinkle them with seasoning.
  10. The rice should be washed. Pour it into a container with meat and vegetables, stir it all. Pour hot water over the food. The liquid level should be half a centimeter above the rice.
  11. Place the garlic, which was previously divided into 2 parts, into the multicooker container.
  12. Set the “Rice” program with a cooking time of 25 minutes.
  13. After the signal about the end of the program, switch the Polaris multicooker to the “Warming” mode with a time of 5 minutes.
  14. Turn off the multicooker. Cover it with a warm towel and let the pilaf stand for 20 minutes.

Pilaf with beef in a multicooker Redmond

  1. The meat needs to be washed thoroughly. Onions and carrots must be peeled.
  2. The onion should be cut into half rings, and the carrots into large strips.
  3. Pour oil into the container of the Redmond multicooker and place the pieces of beef. Turn on the “Baking” program for 40 minutes. The meat should be fried until a crispy crust forms on it. The program will spend 20 minutes on this process.
  4. Pour chopped carrots and onions into the container of the Redmond multicooker. Fry all this further for the next 20 minutes.
  5. While the food is cooking, you need to process the rice grains. It needs to be washed thoroughly. It is worth doing the rinsing several times, and each time you should fill the rice with clean water.
  6. Add rice, salt, spices, water and an unpeeled head of garlic to the meat.
  7. Turn on the “Pilaf” program of the Redmond multicooker. Remember that after the end of the cooking time, stirring the rice is prohibited.
  • If you simply put all the ingredients that the step-by-step recipe suggests into the multicooker at once and turn on the program, you will get ordinary rice porridge.
  • Please note that each multicooker model has its own programs for preparing beef pilaf. The cooking time for this dish is also different. The step-by-step recipe indicates the exact parameters.

It is better to serve pilaf while it is still hot, in this form it can accurately convey its taste.

  • Beef pilaf can be eaten for both lunch and dinner. This dish is quite filling. It will be better if you put fresh vegetables on the table with it.
  • Any beef pilaf recipe can be modified by adding a variety of spices. They are the ones who influence the taste of the dish.

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Pilaf with beef in a slow cooker

It turns out incredibly tasty, crumbly, soaked in meat juice, as well as the aroma of vegetables, of course, only if the correct proportions of ingredients are observed. It’s not difficult to prepare, so if you’ve stocked up on all the necessary ingredients and also want to feed your beloved family this dish, let’s get started!

Pilaf in a multicooker - 6 recipes for preparing crumbly pilaf in a multicooker Redmond and Polaris

Good morning everybody!
What are you cooking for dinner today? And I pilaf, but unusual, but in a slow cooker. Do you know why? All because I adore this miracle worker. She always helps me out like that, well, there are simply no words, just delight, I don’t know how I used to live without her. I often hear opinions from people that this is a waste of money, but for me personally this is not the case. Not a single day goes by that I don't cook in it. It's so simple, quick and very tasty. With it, all my borscht and other soups turn out rich, and my milk porridges are all the more delicious because the children gobble them up on both cheeks))).

Therefore, today I decided to take this particular topic and introduce you to the most delicious and simple recipes for pilaf, which can be prepared from any meat.

To prepare real pilaf you need to know the secrets and tricks of cooking. So let's quickly get down to business, and as the article progresses you will learn everything.

There are no big differences in how this is done in a cauldron or in a frying pan; if you have your own proven recipe, then you can easily take it and use it in a slow cooker.

Uzbek pilaf in a slow cooker - step-by-step recipe with photos

We all know that pilaf is not our Russian dish, but it came to us from the East and conquered everyone. There is a great variety of cooking options. Real pilaf is prepared from lamb and therefore the first recipe will be made from this meat, but if you wish, you can replace it with any you like.

We will need:

  • rice - 2.5 measuring cups from a multicooker
  • water - 5 measuring cups from the multicooker
  • carrots - 2 pcs.
  • garlic - 2 heads
  • hot chili pepper - 1 pod
  • beef or lamb meat - 500 g
  • vegetable oil - 50 ml
  • onions - 2 pcs.
  • pepper and salt to taste

Uzbek lamb pilaf

To prepare real Uzbek pilaf, lamb should not be frozen, but simply chilled. Long rice, and especially steamed rice, is not suitable; you need round-grain and preferably coarse-grain rice.

Lamb - halved ribs with tenderloin are best; it will be absolutely amazing if you can buy 150-200 grams of fat tail. Zira cannot be excluded. Or you can buy a seasoning bag already with cumin.


  • a kilo of rice and lamb;
  • two large carrots;
  • two large onions;
  • a head of young garlic;
  • half a glass of vegetable oil;
  • a teaspoon of cumin;
  • a hot pepper pod with a good tail without damage;
  • salt to taste.


  1. Cut the lamb tail into small pieces, the onion into half rings, the carrots into strips and mix it with half a teaspoon of sugar to release the juice.
  2. Turn on the multicooker to the Fry mode for 30 minutes, pour oil into the bowl and first fry the pieces of fat tail until brownish, remove them from the multicooker and add the ribs. Fry, stirring, until brown.
  3. Add onions and pieces of boneless meat, fry lightly and add carrots, salt and spices and another couple of minutes. Pour in a small amount of water, carefully place the pepper on top, close the lid and leave to simmer until the end of the mode.
  4. We carefully remove the pepper, lay out the cleanly washed rice, stick in a well-washed head of garlic with the bottom cut off, pour in hot water so that the water covers a layer of rice about a finger thick, close the lid and turn on the Pilaf or Stew mode for 40-50 minutes.

Bon appetit!

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